Sunday, 17 June 2012

Whoops.... I think I'm a bookaholic!!

A friend recently asked me how many books I had to which I responded I had no idea!  Over the last few years friends and family have given me books, I've mooched books for free from Bookmooch as well as buying on average 15-20 books a month (been on a book buying ban this year so haven't bought that many but have bought a few)... so they have piled up as I couldn't keep on top of the reading.

I had books everywhere ... 3 plastic crates, 1 fold-away crate and the rest are in bags for life (photo below is just a selection of the books... imagine another 2 plastic crates and 4 bags for life!).

Well I made the mistake yesterday of trying to take an inventory of the books and was shocked to discover that I had nearly 300 books.   This number does not take into account the books I've read and then given away or sold on Ebay so I would hate to hazard a guess how many I would have had if I hadn't.

I didn't realise how many there were although the fact that I 'd run out of room in the crates should have given me a clue ... I've got 1 bag alone of books just bought this year when I said I was on a book buying ban!

I've decided that I need to be ruthless and start getting rid of some of them as the way things are going at the moment with review books there's no way I'll find the time to get through them all.  So if you're lucky I might even run a few giveaways in the near future with some of the new and good quality secondhand books.

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