Sunday, 28 April 2013

Guest Book Review: Anne Allen - Dangerous Waters

Reviewed by Louise

‘Oh my God, what’s happening to me? 

After all this time, please, not again!’ Jeanne Le Page, gripped by fear and panic, struggles to breathe as the ferry arrives in Guernsey, the island she had fled 15 years before, traumatised by a family tragedy. Now she has to return after her grandmother’s death. 

Jeanne has inherited her cottage and she plans to sell it before returning to the UK. Deeply unhappy after the recent end of a long-term relationship, she has no desire to pick up her old life on the island. Suffering traumatic amnesia after being involved in the accident that killed her family, Jeanne has experienced nightmares for years. 

The return to Guernsey triggers flashbacks which become frightening and Jeanne undergoes hypnosis to recover her memory, reliving the tragedy as the ghosts continue to haunt her. But someone on the island does not want her to remember, and she faces danger from an unexpected source...

Dangerous Waters by Anne Allen is one of the eBooks from Sharon's backlog that I'm reviewing to help her out.

Jeanne Le Page is finally returning to Guernsey following her Grandmother's death, a place she hasn't been able to bring herself to return to since the boat accident that killed both her parents and left her with traumatic amnesia.

She's come over to make arrangements about her Grandmother's cottage that she's inherited but she soon sees her plans changing, from selling the cottage to maybe renovating and living there herself, once she sets foot instead.

Maybe her stay on the island will help her to deal with her own personal tragedies, the boat accident and the more recent tragedy that she's suffered, but coming back to Guernsey has also triggered flashback memories of that fateful night.  Will she finally be able to recall what caused the accident and bring the culprits to justice?

As well as Jeanne's story we also see her researching her Grandmother's history during World War II when Guernsey was occupied by the Germans which was interesting to read about.   The only thing that spoilt this story for me was that it was all a bit too obvious, I could see exactly what was coming as I was reading...I don't mind some predictability but this story was too predictable.

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