Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crime Fiction Week Sneak Peeks: Pascal Garnier - Moon in a Dead Eye

As I mentioned earlier in the week I have had an amazing response to this crime fiction feature week and was contacted about authors and books that if I'm honest I probably wouldn't have heard of otherwise.

One such book is Moon in a Dead Eye by Pascal Garnier.  Following his untimely death in 2010 Gallic Books have published several of his books that have been translated into English, the latest will be published on 12th August.

“It's going to blow up ... Everything does, sooner or later, even the star-riddled sky that's nothing more than a great moth-holed curtain, drawn across to hide the mess…”

Given the choice, Martial would have preferred not to leave their suburban Paris life, but his wife Odette was thrilled at the idea of moving to Les Conviviales, a gated retirement village in the South of France.

At first, Martial’s suspicions are confirmed. He and Odette are the only residents, and with the endless pouring rain, he is bored out of his mind. With the arrival of three new neighbours and a social secretary, Martial’s outlook improves and he begins to settle in to his new life. But in this isolated community, tensions never simmer far below the surface, and the arrival of some gypsies who set up camp outside the gates throws the fragile harmony into disarray. Everything comes to a head one terrible night, the night that the moon is reflected in the watchman’s eye…

Thanks to Sophie at Ed PR for arranging for an exclusive extract of this book which can be read here.

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