Friday, 12 June 2015

Blog Tour: Top 10 Greatest Love Stories in Song by Adele Parks

This morning I'm happy to hand over the blog to bestselling author Adele Parks for the final stop on her If You Go Away blog tour to talk about her top 10 greatest love stories in song.

Music is a vitally important part of my creative process. I often find song lyrics inspiring for plot lines or character development. Music is also crucial to most romances as many of us depend on music to express things we find difficult to articulate;  that’s why swapping playlists (and historically home produced cassettes) is a rite of passage for young love, that’s why the first dance at a wedding means so much. 

When curating this list of my ten favourite romantic songs I tried to find my enduring classics. Each one I selected takes me back to a particular time and place. I do believe that love conquers all but there have been times in my life that I’ve known love hurts. A lot. I find listening to Never Ever by All Saints actually painful. When I listen to Feel I recall drowning in a sense of longing. Your Song bring a lump to my throat and that tingly feeling in my nose that means I’m about to cry, but with happiness. 

As a writer, naturally, the lyrics are incredibly important to me. I walked down the aisle to Where Do I Begin, if you listen to the lyrics you’ll understand why.

1.       Feel, Robbie Williams

2.       Your Song, Ewan McGregor

3.       One and only, Adele

4.       Praise You, Fat Boy Slim

5.       My Baby Just Cares For Me, Nina Simone

6.       If You Go Away, Dusty Springfield

7.       Where Do I Begin, Shirley Bassey - (Away Team Mix)

8.       Perfect Day, Lou Reed

9.       Never Ever, All Saints

10.   I Belong To You, Caro Emerald

I'm sure you'll agree with me that there's a fantastic selection of songs in Adele's top 10 and I might have had a little sing along to most of them last night whilst prepping this blog post. Would any of these songs be in your top 10?

1914. Vivian, a young, impassioned debutante is hurried into a pedestrian marriage to cover a scandal. War breaks out on her wedding day - domestically and across Europe. Quick to escape the disappointment of matrimony, her traditionalist husband immediately enlists and Vivian has no alternative than to take up the management and running of his estate - after all, everyone is required to do their bit. Even pretty, inadequately-educated young wives.

Howard, a brilliant young playwright rushes to the front to see for himself the best and the worst of humanity; he cannot imagine what the horror might be. In March 1916, when conscription becomes law, it is no longer enough for him to report on the War, it's a legal requirement that he joins the ranks. Howard refuses, becoming one of the most notorious conscientious objectors of the time. Disarmingly handsome, famous, articulate and informed, he's a threat to the government. Narrowly escaping a death sentence by agreeing to take essential work on Vivian's farm, it's only then Howard understands what is worth fighting for.

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