As I'm starting to run quite a few giveaways on the blog I've decided to set up a page to show which giveaways were run and who won the books.

Currently running/coming soon

Past competitions

November 2021

Blogiversary Giveaway: 'My Weekend is All Booked' Kindle Sleeve - Amanda N
Blogiversary Giveaway: Strictly Murder - Karen H
Blogiversary Giveaway: Handmade fabric bookmark - Hannah W
Blogiversary Giveaway: Bookshelves Socks - Lisa D

October 2021

Blogiversary Giveaway: Afraid of the Shadows eBook - Sharon M & Kate E
Blogiversary Giveaway: Vintage Books Cushion Cover - Melanie C 
Blogiversary Giveaway: £10 Amazon voucher from Emma - Laura P
Blogiversary Giveaway: Bookish bundle - Rachel H
Blogiversary Giveaway: Halloween bundle -  Julie C

September 2021

Black Reed Bay - Gurdeep A

August 2021

Welcome to Ferry Lane Market eBook - Joanne B & Shell C 
Bookish Bundle - Karen H

July 2021

You and Me on Vacation - Sandy S 
One Last Time & #TeamOrenda bookmark - Karen H

June 2021

And Now You're Back - Sandra M
#TeamOrenda bundle - Dee-Cee T

May 2021

Handmade Fabric Bookmark - Lacy M
Book of choice (up to value of £10) - Julie W

March 2021

Bound - Karen H

February 2021

Whisper of the Lotus - Lynne M & Louise W

January 2021

Advent - Yvonne E
Birthday giveaway - Dawn C
The Wife Upstairs - Jane W

December 2020

The Cornish Cream Tea Christmas - Lisa R 
£10 Amazon voucher from Emma - Julie B
Festive Bookish bundle - Kate N

October 2020

Blogiversary bundle - Jo R  

September 2020

I Know What I Saw eBook - Julia S
The Second Marriage eBook - Sarah L

August 2020

The Search Party - Julie C 

July 2020

Bundle of goodies - Laura P

June 2020

Ash Mountain eBook - Chris M

May 2020

The Creak on the Stairs eBook - Julie C
Wedding Bells for Woolworths - Sarah L
The Carer eBook - Sandy W

April 2020

The Fallout eBook - Jane W
Easter bundle - Gurdeep A
Containment - Sandra

March 2020

Messy, Wonderful Us - Martina T
Deep Dark Night - Louise W
You'll Never See Me Again - Amanda N

February 2020

#RNA60 Romance bundle - Gemma W
The Home eBook - Tina G & Emma M

January 2020

A Gift in December - Karen M

December 2019

A Wedding in December - Amanda N
Festive Surprise Bookish Bundle - Julie B
When Stars Will Shine eBook - Sarah L

November 2019

The Neighbour - Lacy M
Blogiversary Giveaway: Skeleton bookmark - Sarah L
Blogiversary Giveaway: Designated Read Tote Bag - Kate N
Blogiversary Giveaway: Pick from Women's Fiction TBR - Lisa R
Blogiversary Giveaway: £10 Amazon UK voucher from Emma - Jo S
Blogiversary Giveaway: Yoshi Shakespeare Card Holder - Lainy S
Blogiversary Giveaway: Pick from Crime/Thriller TBR - Gemma M

October 2019

Blogiversary Giveaway: Happymail parcel from Emma - Laura C
Blogiversary Giveaway: Halloween bundle - Louise W
Blogiversary Giveaway: Book Charm BookBandz - Julie C
Blogiversary Giveaway: Signed copy of The Things We Left Unsaid - Lacy M
Blogiversary Giveaway: Set of 'Book' Bookends - Yvonne B
Pair of tickets for Keith Stuart & Richard Roper event at Salisbury Literary Festival - Karen C
Pair of tickets for Ayisha Malik event at Salisbury Literary Festival - Anne W
The Closer I Get (signed) - Karen M
The Swap - Amanda N

August 2019

The Garden of Lost and Found - Lacy M
Three Days in Florence (signed) & Rooftop Book Club tote bag - Karen M

July 2019

Call Me a Liar eBook - Jane W, Rebecca & Leila B
Tote bag & bookish bundle - Gurdeep A

June 2019

Forget Me Not - Sophie H
BookBandz - Kelly R

May 2019

Picture of Innocence eBook - Leila B & Julie R
Picture of Innocence PB - Jo S

April 2019

Easter bookish bundle - Lainy S

March 2019

Keep Her Close - Louise W
The Day We Met - Jax B

February 2019

Happiness for Beginners - Julie W
Heart BookBandz - Lacy M

January 2019

The Secret Orphan - Sarah L
Birthday Surprise Parcel - Yvonne B
This Child of Ours - Louise W
One Day in December - Catherine M

December 2018

12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Gingerbread Man BookBandz - Karen C
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: When in Doubt Check it Out tote bag - Jackie L
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: A Miracle on Hope Street & Nessie bookmark - Rea C
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Books Earrings - Julie W
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Festive eBook of Choice - Sarah J, Karen C & Laura C  12 12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Reading Journal - Lynn B
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Seven Days of Us - Linda H
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: 'My Weekend is all Booked' tote bag - Lacy M
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Quirky Bookmark - Gurdeep A
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: A Very Murderous Christmas - Vic W
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: Christmas Bookworm keyring from Yoshi - Anne C
12 Days of Festive Giveaways: One Perfect Christmas and other stories - Leila B

November 2018

Blogiversary Giveaway: Roar - Chris P
Blogiversary Giveaway: Signed copy of Come and Find Me - Sarah H
Blogiversary Giveaway: Set of mini notebooks - Rea C & Rosie D
Blogiversary Giveaway: Signed copy of The Old You - Sarah L
Blogiversary Giveaway: Curled Up Corner bookmarks - Linda H & Louise W
Blogiversary Giveaway: The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharpe - Susan H
Blogiversary Giveaway: Signed copy of Killing It - Julie C
Blogiversary Giveaway: 'Reading Tweets Doesn't Make You Well Read' quote tote - Laura C

October 2018

Blogiversary Giveaway: £10 Amazon Gift Card donated by Emma - Julie B
Blogiversary Giveaway: Under My Skin - Joanne G
Blogiversary Giveaway: Signed copy of Why Mummy Drinks - Gurdeep A 
Blogiversary Giveaway: BookBandz for HB or Trade PB - Joanne B
Pair of tickets to Crime Writers Panel at Salisbury Literary Festival - Karen C

September 2018

Pair of tickets to Claire Fuller & Caoilinn Hughes at Salisbury Literary Festival - Clare K
Macbeth - Joanne G
The Meryl Streep Movie Club - Amanda N

August 2018

When The Lights Go Out - Faye, Yvonne B & Sarah L
The Girl I Used to Be - Kayleigh R
Book Lover's Day - Katie J
When I Find You - Emma M

June 2018

It's Not Hoarding If It's Books tote bag - Karen C

May 2018

The Man I Think I Know - Sarah L

April 2018

Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen - Joanne B
Nineteen Letters - Louise W
The Fear - Catherine M

March 2018

The Liar's Girl - Julie B
Escape to Willow Cottage - Leila B

February 2018

Cursed & Killed - Lisa R
Our Little Secret - Jo S
3 classics from the Macmillan Collector's Library - Linda H
Heart charm BookBandz & Romance book of choice - Laura C
Cold Feet: The Lost Years - Laura C

January 2018

Birthday giveaway package - Sarah T
The Other Side of Wonderful - Liz R

December 2017

12 Days of Christmas

Day 12 - Laura D (No.8) & Mandy R (No. 20)
Day 11 - Harriet M (No. 23) & Charlene W (No. 22)
Day 10 - Karen M (No .9) & Kate (No.11)
Day 9 - Becky (No. 17) & Melisa B (No. 16)
Day 8 - Maxine M (No. 24) & Jessica B (No. 4)
Day 7 - Gurdeep A (No. 2) & Catherine M (No. 5)
Day 6 - Linda H (No. 3) & Laura C (No. 21)
Day 5 - Julie W (No.2) & Anne C (No.1)
Day 4 - Julie B (No. 15) & Kayleigh R (No. 19)
Day 3 - Amanda N (No.7) & Kaisha H (No.18)
Day 2 - Louise W (No.13) & Maggie B (No. 10)
Day 1 - Jo S (No. 6) & Sarah L (No. 14)

November 2017 

The Nightingale Christmas Show - Adele & Sarah B
Whiteout - Lorraine R

Blogiversary giveaways

The Midnight Line - Victoria G
Everything but the Truth & Anything You Do Say - Leila B
Orla Kiely Book - Laura C
Coming Home to the Comfort Food Cafe - Emma B
The Honey Farm on the Hill & happy mail surprise from Emma - Sarah L
Blue Bead & Book Charm BookBandz - Laura C
L is for Library tote bag - Vicki W
Behind Her Eyes - Joanne R
House of Thieves - Jane W
99 Red Balloons & Beneath the Skin - Louise W
The Windfell Family Secrets - Catherine M

October 2017

Blogiversary giveaways

Skeleton BookBandz - Jo S
Beneath a Burning Sky & a happy mail parcel from Emma - Laura C
The Christmas Stocking and other short stories - Melisa B
The Book Bus mini tote - Amanda P
Paris for One and other stories - Tanya P
Purple Bead & Book Charm BookBandz - Lorraine (The Book Review Cafe)
Heidi Swain pair of books - Gurdeep A
Alice in Wonderland mini wall calendar - Linda H
Buddle for Kindle Paperwhite - Julie W
The Last Secret of the Deverills - Sarah L

Thinking Out Loud - Chris R
Quieter Than Killing - Gurdeep A

September 2017

The Year of the Gun - Yvonne B
Cold Blood - Jane W

August 2017

Dandy Gilver & A Spot of Toil & Trouble - Lisa D
The Regulars - Laura C
Killer Affair - Emma M

July 2017

District Nurse on Call - Laura C, Louise W, Rosemary B, Sarah T & Emily S
Dying to Live & Reconciliation for the Dead - Julie R
The Chemist - Lisa R
BookBandz & The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach - Jessica L
Dead Good Reader Awards bundle - Mary L
Alice in Theatreland - Laura C
Sun/Cloud BookBandz - Rachel H (Twitter giveaway)
The Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues - Jill D

June 2017

Anne Boleyn: A King's Obsession - Laura D
Take Your Pick - Abby F
One Bad Turn - Tracey W
Crime Fiction taster bundle - Lainy S
No Middle Name - Louise W

May 2017

In Her Wake - Lisa R
Wicked Game & Deadly Game - Gurdeep A
Syringe Pen, Pencil & Black Notebook - Karen C
Rupture - Leila B
Seas of Snow notebook & Pen - Tracey W
Closed Casket - Liz R
Handcuffs BookBandz & Police Procedural book of choice - Caroline S
Cosy Crime reads - Hemmie M
Orange Blossom Days - Mel G

April 2017

World Stationery Day - Sophie H, Dawn C & Lainy S
The Queen of Wishful Thinking -  Amanda
Rage - Abby F
The Escape (signed) - Nicola S

March 2017

Turning into your Mother - Lorraine R (Twitter giveaway)
Book Bandbandz - Sophie H
Distressed Signals - Emma C
Cursed - Jenny M
Celtic Knot bookbandz - Caroline S
Sometimes I Lie - Laura N, Julie W & Holly K
The Roanoke Girls - Abbie R

February 2017

If They Could See Me Now - Jo S
Echoes in Death - Lisa R
Heart BookBandz & How Not to Fall in Love, Actually - Catherine M
How to Get a (Love) Life - Ellie S
A Summer at Sea - Kim F

January 2017

The Silk Weaver - Amanda N & Janet L
Lying in Wait - Marie W
The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters - Nicola S

December 2016

Penguin Bookbandz & chocolate - Gurdeep A
Johanna's Christmas - Kate N
Christmas under the Stars & Star Bookbandz - Julie W
The Christmas Card - Sharon A
Festive Bookbandz - Julie B & Karen C
A Gift for You - Selina D

November 2016

Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe - Amanda
A Nightingale Christmas Carol - Julie B, Emma C, Linda H, Louise W & Sarah B
The Mine - Kat D
A Pug Like Percy - Linda H

October 2016

Blogiversary #18: The Holiday Swap - Sarah L
Blogiversary #17: Halloween bundle - Lainy S
Blogiversary #16: Before I Go to Sleep DVD - Gurdeep A
Blogiversary #15: Tell Me No Lies & book BookBandz - Rea S
Blogiversary #14: Pick from Louise's top 4 - Tanya P
Blogiversary #13: Books & stuff tote bag - Laura C
Blogiversary #12: A Love Like This - Joanne
Blogiversary #11: The Butterfly Summer - Joanne V
Blogiversary #10: Reading Log - Karen C
Blogiversary #9: Gone Astray - Louise W & Anne C
Blogiversary #8: The Obsession - Selina D
Blogiversary #7: 'Too fond of books' quote necklace - Selina
Blogiversary #6: Signed copy of With Our Blessing - Kat M
Blogiversary #5: all you need is books tote bag - Victoria W
Blogiversary #4: Pick from Emma's top 6 - Alba F
Blogiversary #3: The Reading Woman 2017 calendar or BFG 2017 diary - Becky G & Louise W
Blogiversary #2: The One-in-a-Million By - Emma S
Blogiversary #1: Shakespeare tote bag - Amanda

September 2016

Signed copy of My Map of You & Passport BookBandz - Tanya P
James Patterson BookShots Romance bundle - Louise W

August 2016

Food & Drink month

Happymail parcel from Emma - Laura A
Hamlyn Recipe Books - Leigh N
Yankee Candle Wax Tart Melts - Sarah H
'Bake Off' bundle - Joanne V
Retro bundle - Linda H
The Flavours of Love - Joanne G
The Foodie's Colouring Book - Louise W
When Life Gives you Lemons tote bag - Gurdeep A
Baked Today Magnetic Llst Pad & Pen - Laura C
Chocolate is the Answer Tote Bag & Fridge Magnet - Karen C
Signed copy of The Sunshine and Biscotti Club - Sharon A
Kernow Dessert Chocolate Bars - Anne C
BookBandz - Sarah B & Rea C

Wildflower Bay & happymail parcel - Liz R
Choice of 1 of 3 Crime Fiction books - Alison D

July 2016

Under a Cornish Sky - Selina

June 2016

The Ends of the Earth - Louise W
Signed copy of Letting In Light - Laura C
Book quote tote bags - Christine M & Adele B
The Girl from the Savoy - Karen C

May 2016

The Sunshine and Biscotti Club - Leigh N
National Stationery Week Day 7 Writing Set or Notelets - Lorna H & Tanya P
National Stationery Week Day 6 Alice in Wonderland Set - Louise W

April 2016

National Stationery Week Day 5 Book Lovers Notebook & Bookmark set - Karen D & Anne
National Stationery Week Day 4 Happy mail - Rea C
National Stationery Week Day 3 Paperchase items - Em, Kim N, Sharon A, Anne W & Laura A
National Stationery Week Day 2 Getting Organised - Anne C, Vicki & Anne W
National Stationery Week Day 1 Metallic Pencil Set - Julie W
Signed The Second Love of My Life postcards - Catherine M & Alba F
Signed copy of The Second Love of my Life - Mary T

March 2016

These Days of Ours - Laura C
Time to Say Goodbye - Julie W
Blueprints - Linda H

February 2016

The Silk Merchant's Daughter - Laura B
Book Giving Day - Shell B
Brotherhood in Death - Gordon M
Life's a Beach and Then... & If He Really Loved Me... - Leigh N
The Last Kiss Goodbye - Karen M

January 2016

Birthday themed - Julie W

December 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12 bonus prize - Laura A
12 Days of Christmas: Day 12 - Jo H
12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 - Linda H
12 Days of Christmas: Day 10 - Julie W
12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 - Maryline VP
12 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Tanya P
12 Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Marie W
12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 - Sheerie F
12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 - Josie B
12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 - Laura D
12 Days of Christmas: Day 3 - Laura C
12 Days of Christmas: Day 2 - Sarah L
A Merry Mistletoe Wedding - Leigh N
12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 - Zarina

November 2015

The Missing Husband proof - Hayley
Harper Collins goody bag - Sophie H

October 2015

Silver Linings - Sarah L
Bitter Fruits & The Little Flower Shop by the Sea - Ruth H
Devoted in Death - Linda
Secret Paris & Secret Japan Postcards Colouring Books - Victoria G
Carrying Albert Home - Ceri K
Tote Bags -  Leigh N, Emma C & Joanne V
Halloween bundle - Mary T
Pair of A5 notebooks - Laura C
Magnetic List Pad & Sticky Note Bookmarks - Amanda & Sophie H
Paperchase Weekly Desk Pad - Anne C
The Reading Woman 2016 mini calendar - Louise W
The Island Escape - Marie W
Snowflakes on Silver Cove eBook - Tanya P
Christmas at Lilac Cottage eBook - Sam S
Bella's Christmas Bake Off eBook - Leigh N
The Betrayal - Sheerie F
The Secret Life of Winnie Cox - Laura P
Addicted to Sin eBook - Ruth H
24 Hours eBook - Claire W
£10 Amazon voucher - Kayleigh R
Pair of Bookmarks - Karen C & Gurdeep
Book Holder - Lynn B & Rachel G
This is One Moment - Charli P
Flexible Reading Light - Julie W
Booklovers mini door sign - Louise
Bookshelves Kindle Cover - Linda
Broken Juliet - Sheerie F
Little Women bundle - Sarah H
Keep the Home Fires Burning - Linda H
Between Sisters - Julie B
The Things We Do For Love - Laura C

August 2015

A Proper Family Adventure - Leigh N
Appleby Farm (Twitter) - Emily
HI Readathon goodies - Adele B

July 2015

Pre-loved books - Sarah L
I Followed the Rules - Anne C
Summer at Tiffany's - Kate S

June 2015

The Voices Beyond - Carolyne W & Sophie H
Romance Festival (3 signed books & Harper Impulse t-shirt - Laura B
400,000 page views (Book of choice) - Vicki W
The Other Child - Lainy M
Too Many Cooks - Sheerie F

May 2015

Signed Paige Toon books - Charlotte P, Laura & Emma C
The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) - Hayley Tt
Summertime - Josie B
The Crooked House - Rebecca P
Notebooks - Lindsay H & Amber K
The Seven Sisters - Carolyne W

April 2015

The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance - Amanda N & Vicki W
Emma's Happy Mail - Marie W
Easter - Zarina, Rachel G, Louise W, Karen C, Sheerie F, Julie B, Steph H, Rebecca P, Anne C, Mary T, Becky G, Emma C & Sophie H
The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe eBook - Ana

March 2015

The Girl on the Cliff - Margaret M
Fragile Lies - Dawn O
Can Anybody Help Me? & bookmarks - Louise W, Tanya P, Jane W, Tracy S, Rachel G, Emma M & Gurdeep A
Each & Every One - Gurdeep A
Irish Bookish goodies - Louise W, Sophie H, Mary T, Margaret M, Dawn T & Rachel G
The Girl That Came Home - Rebecca P
A Memory of Violets - Emma C
Book of choice by Irish author - Kat, Jenny M & Rebecca P
Unravelling Oliver - Kelly S
Monthly pre-loved books - Louise W

February 2015

Campari for Breakfast - Suzanne, Sarah B & Rebecca P
Monthly pre-loved books - Sarah T

December 2014

Snow Crystal trilogy - Tracy
The Parisian Christmas Bake Off - Sarah B
Emma's Christmas giveaway - Christmas in the Snow - Simona
Bookish treats - Gurdeep A, Rea C, Laura D, Louise W, Rebecca P, Dawn C, Zarina de R, Charlene W, Tanya P, Emma C, Tracy S, Pauline A, Karen C, Lindsay H, Alba, Agi, Kirsty M, Lynsey F & Lavender S
Emma's Christmas Giveaway: The Great Christmas Knit Off - Julie W

November 2014

Win a copy of He Who Kills the Dragon & Falling Freely, As If In a Dream - Terry

October 2014

An Irish Promise - Lavender S
A Special Delivery - Sarah B
It Must Have Been the Mistletoe - Kate S, Louise W, Paris B
Blogiversary giveaway #22: Halloween goodies - Shaun O
Blogiversary giveaway #21: Winter Siege - Sophie H
Blogiversary giveaway #20: Mapp & Lucia - Louise W
Blogiversary giveaway #19: One Hundred Christmas Proposals & Driving Home for Christmas - Gurdeep A
Blogiversary giveaway #18: Christmas Wedding at the Gingerbread Cafe & Mistletoe Mansion - Sophie K
Blogiversary giveaway #17: The Parisian Christmas Bake Off & The Little Christmas Kitchen - Karen C
Blogiversary giveaway #16: Bruises - Tia J
Blogiversary giveaway #15: The Story of You - Rebecca P
Blogiversary giveaway #14: Some Veil Did Fall - Tracy S, Joanne V & Ceri K
Blogiversary giveaway #13: A Most Desirable Marriage - Vicky W
Blogiversary giveaway #12: The Grand Duchess of Nowhere - Jacqui
Blogiversary giveaway #11: Book related items - Tanya P, Kelly R, Tracey W, Ana, Kirsty M, Rebecca P, Zarina de R, Vicky W, Karen C, Tracy S, Angeline G, Lavender S, Louise W, Emma C & Margaret BM    
Blogiversary giveaway #10: Levi's Gift - Mary T
Blogiversary giveaway #9: Melting Ms Frost - Ceri K
Blogiversary giveaway #8: Coming Home to You eBook - Marie W
Blogiversary giveaway #7: Colan Nolan memoir - Tanya P
Blogiversary giveaway #6: The Teashop on the Corner - Emma C
Blogiversary giveaway #5: The Seafront Tea Rooms - Dawn C
Blogiversary giveaway #4: Fool's Gold - Louise W
Blogiversary giveaway #3: Saving Grace scented candle - Joanne V
Blogiversary giveaway #2: Liberty Silk - Jane W
Blogiversary giveaway #1: Tote bags - Lavender S, Kirsty M, Emma C, Tanya P & Rebecca P
Dark Tides - Louise W, Shaun O, Sophie H, Julie W & Mandy M
It Started with Paris - Julie W

September 2014

Plague Land - Sophie H
Sept pre-loved books - Sarah L & Rebecca P

August 2014

Sunny Friday £5 Amazon GC - Tammy
quarter past two on a wednesday afternoon - Kirsty
Thank you Amazon GC - Lavender S
The Killing Pool & The House on the Hill - Maxine P, Vicki W, Dawn H, Tracey W & Cleo B
Aug pre-loved books - Maggie B, Jenny F & Sam E
Hild - Angeline
The Country Doctor - Sarah T

July 2014

Not Quite Perfect - Emma P
Mega Summer Giveaway - Sam E, Leah M, Karen C, Emma J, Sheerie F, Margaret B, Bube P, Isabell H, Charlotte A, Claire E & Amanda N
The Island - Jane W
The Book of Life - Lainy S 
Things We Never Say & If You Were Me - Jan B & Rachel G 
1000 post - Joanne V, Sarah L, Tracey R, Angeline G & Candy H

June 2014

Little Beauty - Carolyne, Rebecca M, Ceri K

The Unpredictable Consequences of Love - Kayleigh B
Shot Through the Heart - Vicki W, Laura D & Lisa B
A Hundred Pieces of Me - Eloise 
The Travelling Tea Shop - Sarah B

May 2014

The Vintage Summer Wedding vintage accessories - Jane L
Going Back - Tanya P 
May pre-loved books giveaway - Rea S & Trish H

April 2014

April pre-loved books giveaway - Lindsay H & Shaun O
Take Mum Out & Peach Blossom Pavilion - Georgina T
Call the Vet - Marie W
The Flavours of Love - Laura K

March 2014

Mar pre-loved books giveaway - Emma W & Rebecca P
Bad Brides - Claire H
The Key to it All - Louise P 
The Perfect Match - Sharon G & Gemma P
All Change for Nurse Millie - Jane, Jo, Marie, June  & Louise

February 2014

Feb pre-loved books giveaway - Hikma & Zoe
Made in Nashville eBook - Caroline M 
Choc Lit goodie bag - Cora L
Name that Choc Lit book - Jenny, Tricia, Kerri, Amy & Lucy

January 2014

Birthday pre-loved books - Toni, Margaret, Zarina, Lynda & Emma 
Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn - Angie T

December 2013

The Gilded Fan - Margaret BM
Just for Christmas - Emma B & Kat D
Christmas Books Hamper from Headline - Dawn C
The Compromise - Maryline VP
Kiss me Under the Mistletoe - Booketta & Kayla O 
Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe - Toni L-C
Volunteer - Sarah L
Melting Ms Frost - Laura D

November 2013

The Pleasures of Autumn - Lainy S 
Driving Home for Christmas - Cathy B

October 2013

Dark Possession - Mandy F
The Forever of Ella and Micha - Jo G
Finding It - Emma B

This is What Happy Looks Like - Beckie P
Stormbird: War of the Roses - Derek

September 2013

Amelia Grey's Fireside Dream - Theresa G

August 2013

Elysian Fields - Book Bird

Broke - Emma M & Selena T
Frisky Business & Lifesaving for Beginners - Kate B
Catherine Alliott Joules Wellies - Ceri S, Kelly R, Sarah D, Carol W & Sarah B

July 2013

Little Beauty  - Steph
Unseen - Toni J
Affliction - Dave
The Feast of Artemis - Debbie
Crime Fiction giveaway - Ian

June 2013

Anarchy - Donna
Summer giveaway - Ceri, Lisa B, Kerry G, Louise W, Susan G
Me and Mr Jones - Sam C & Hannah R 

May 2013

Illicit Love - Maggie B
The Lying Game - Sarah D & Karen C
The Foster Husband - Judith G

April 2013

The Secret Children - Katie F, Mary P, Emma M, Megan W, Lindsay H
The Girl Behind the Mask - Beky A
Security eBook - Theresa B
The Compromise - Emma C 

March 2013

Win a book of your choice by an Irish author - Nikki & Mich B
Better Together - Kat
Rapture - Karen R

February 2013

The Trouble with Valentine's - Emma M

December 2012

the dog stars - Andy J
MIRA and Mills & Boon Christmas books -   Emma M, Miranda C, Sandy W & Linda S

November 2012

When I Fall In Love - Elaine C
Winter Wonderland - Sam C

October 2012

1st anniversary - Sarah P, Amanda N, Christine P, Rea S, Megan W, Jo S & Amanda M 
Mistress of my Fate - Melanie W

September 2012

Vision in White - Zoe L & Annabel M
August 2012

Stranded with a Cajun Werewolf - Lynn T
False Impressions - Stephen B
The Secret Between Us - Michelle M
The First Time I Saw Your Face giveaway - Sophie B-H
Dangerous Waters giveaway - Katie

July 2012

A Humble Companion giveaway - Chris C
Shadow of Night giveaway - Amy C
Cox giveaway - Kayla S 

June 2012

Burning Embers giveaway - Mary T
Signed copy of Summer Nights - Lucinda F
Jubilee Blog Hop giveaway - Jenni C, Emma C, Lisa H, Katie F & Books for Company

May 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman giveaway - Megan
Summer Daydreams giveaway - Mark P, Sarah M, Michelle B, Susan C, Gina H
The Lady Most Likely giveaway - Aileen
The Love Letter giveaway - Nathalie G, Rosemary E, Emma H, Gail G, Jennifer T

April 2012

The Greatest Love Story giveaway - Michelle
Forgive and Forget giveaway - Dominka

March 2012

The Bad Sisters giveaway - Rachel