Saturday, 22 October 2011

Books Read: Rebecca Chance - Bad Sisters

Source - Bought (Second hand on Amazon)
Sisters - best friends or deadly rivals?

Deeley is the girlfriend of a Hollywood hunk - a secretly gay Hollywood hunk. But when her 'girlfriend' contract is up, his cut-throat publicist wants Deeley out. Dejected and penniless, Deeley heads back to London, where she hopes to re-establish links with her two estranged older sisters - only to find herself struggling with a forbidden attraction.

Devon is married to the nation's favourite rugby hero, and has a successful TV career as the seductive, voluptuos presenter of her own cookery show. But behind the perfect facade, Devon is lonely and frustrated. When a live celebrity cook-off goes disastrously wrong, she flees to Tuscany - and learns a few lessons in the bedroom as well as in the kitchen from an Italian master...

Politician's wife Maxie is fiercly ambitious. She's furious when Deeley sells the sisters childhood story to a gossip magazine, revealing their impoverished roots and their mother's criminal past. Maxie must use all the weapons in her armoury to preserve her image as a future PM's wife and avoid the devastating fallout. But Maxie is only too aware that there are many more secrets Deeley could yet reveal...

Whilst reading this book you get an insight into the lives of the three sisters and find out what the dark secret is that has been deeply hidden but is in danger of being exposed and threatening their successful lives that they have made for themselves.

When the rug is pulled out from beneath Deeley's comfortable life in Hollywood, she is forced to run back to London but finds that neither sister actually want her to stay with them. The pace of the book is fast-flowing with a few surprises along the way, especially regarding the the politician's wife Maxie, and overall is an enjoyable book to while away a few hours on a cold winter's day.

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