Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Books Read: Ann Pearlman - A Gift for my sister

Source - Received as a present from a friend

How can two sisters so differently suddenly have so much in common?

Sky, obedient and cautious, has worked hard to build her dream life.  In her ideal job as a lawyer and married to hansome Troy, they live with their three-year-old daughter, Rachel, in a beautiful house on the beach. 

Younger sister, Tara, rebellious and impetuous, has fallen in love with the unsuitable but irresistible Arron, become pregnant, and embarked on a rollercoaster life as a musician.

But when tragedy besets Sky her world is turned upside down and Tara, instead of facing a future destined to be foolhardy and risky, unexpectedly finds herself on the brink of fame.  With this astonishing reversal of fortune, everything changes.  

So when Tara offers to help Sky start over and move home, there begins a road trip where tensions between the two sisters erupt, loyalties are tested and long hidden secrets revealed.

If you've read Ann Pearlman's previous book, the Christmas Cookie club, then you'll recognise that Sky and Tara are the daughter's of Marnie, organiser of the Cookie club.  But other than a few brief mentions of Marnie, this book reflects on the relationships of the two sisters.

We meet Tara who is aready struggling with the loss of her best friend Mia when she then finds herself losing her job whilst her husband Troy contracts a fatal infection.  Meanwhile sister Tara who is in a rap group with her boyfriend and crew is approached by another rapper to break away and launch her own career. 

As Sky falls apart it is down to Tara, her mother's friend Allie and the crew to help her pick up the pieces and transport her belongings cross country to be nearer the family.  During the road-trip events unfold and memories are recalled that will either break the relationship between the sisters for good or will heal their friendship.

The book had all the signs of being a great read from the synopsis but, sadly for me, I found it to be fairly mundane but I did perservere and read it to the finish.  It's an ok read but not a book that I would pick up and read again in the future.

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