Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Books Read: Mink Elliott - Just Another Manic Mum-Day

Source - Received from publisher to review

Roxy, Jack and daughter Joey, three, are building a new life for themselves in Sunny Sydney, Australia, but Roxy's finding it hard to settle down.  When she discovers she's pregnant again, things become even more complicated - how will she cope with a second child? 

Frustrated at the lack of places for stressed-out mums to go, Roxy and her new friend, Shoshanna, set up Just Another Manic Mum-Day - a cafe catering exclusively for parents.  But when an opportunity arises for Roxy to return to England, she realises just how much she misses home...

I'd like to thank Little Brown Book Group for sending me a copy of this book to review.   I hadn't read The Pi**ed Off Parents Club, although I did have a copy of it in one of the boxes of books that I have to read, so I dug this out and read first before I read this one.   I'm glad I did as it gave me a bit of background to Roxy and family although I am sure that you could read this one without reading the other one first.

When Roxy finds out that she's pregnant again just as she's about to start a new job, she's in shock as she thought she was too old to be having another baby and she's not sure how Joey is going to cope with having a little brother or sister.

Within weeks she's soon settled into her new job and Joey is settled into nursery but soon the rug is pulled from under her feet when she is made redundant.   Whilst talking with her friend Shooshie, another mum from the nursery, they come up with the suggestion of running a cafe which caters for stressed out parents and Just Another Manic Mum-Day, JAMM for short, is born.

The idea of a cafe with childminders to look after the kids whilst you enjoy a cuppa, a supernanny to solve behavioural problems, a counsellor to solve relationship problems, classes for breastfeeding parents ... surely that won't work.  But despite various hiccups, including Shooshie's husband running off with the takings, the ideas for running the cafe grow from strength to strength and soon it's a thriving success and soon turns into a family business with Jack coming on board.

It looks like Roxy is finally settled and enjoying family life in Australia so when she's asked to go back to London to set up a JAMM cafe there, will she realise that her heart belongs in England and not Australia?

Not being a mum myself, I was a bit worried that I might not enjoy this book but I needn't have worried as that was not the case.  The ideas and characters in this book were extremely relatable and I especially loved the character of daughter Joey and chuckled at some of the things she came out with. I'm not sure if I'd be quite as enamoured if she was my own daughter though!

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