Thursday, 5 April 2012

Books Read: Rosie Fiore - Babies in Waiting

Source - Received from publisher to review

Meet Louise, 38, Toni, 26, and Gemma, 18.  They are all expecting babies in September.

And they are all discovering that impending motherhood is more than a little overwhelming. 

Finding their way onto an online forum, they discover fellowship, friendship, way too much information - and ultimately one another.  Meeting in real life, they set out to face the highs, lows, secrets and revelations of pregnancy and the first months of motherhood together.

But one of the women is keeping a secret that will test their friendship to its very core...

I first heard about this book in reviews on other blogs and it definitely sounded like a book that was right up my street so when I was offered a copy of this book to review by Margot at Quercus I gratefully accepted.

At first glance you wouldn't think that any of these three women would have anything in common, Louise is a career woman, Toni is happily married and Gemma is still at school and they all fall pregnant under different circumstances... one of them gets pregnant after a one-night stand, another falls pregnant straight after being told that she has fertility problems and the third got pregnant on purpose to try and keep her man but you'd be surprised at which is which. 

The book is told in segments covering the three trimesters of pregnancy and the first three months of motherhood and is told in the perspective of each of the women.  At first when the three women discover they are pregnant they do not know each other but through the wonders of modern technology and social networking they become acquainted and grow close as friends.  However, as with most friendships there are ups and downs that threaten to tear them apart.

You definitely don't have to be a mum or pregnant to enjoy this book as although the backdrop of the book is about the stages of pregnancy and motherhood, the characters and events draw you in as if it's happening to people you know.  

I was hooked from the start so much so that once I started reading, during my lunch hour yesterday, I did not want to stop but sadly that thing called work got in the way and I had to put it away.   I'm extremely glad that I'm not working today as I continued reading this last night and finally finished it in the early hours of this morning so to say I've got bags under my eyes today is an understatement!

I know it's only April, so plenty more months to go, but I think this is highly likely to be on my top ten books read this year.  I hope it's not too long till we get another book from Rosie as if this one is anything to go by, the next one is also sure to be a fantastic read.


  1. Thanks for the great review, Sharon, I'm working on the next one, typing away as fast as my fingers will let me!