Thursday, 24 May 2012

Books Read: Alison Lucy - The Summer of Secrets

Source - Received from publisher to review

One heady summer. Three big secrets.

1989. Newlyweds Danny and Harriet arrive at their honeymoon paradise in the Caribbean. Days later, Harriet returns home.

Danny is left distraught but finds comfort in the arms of two women. Nine months later, three baby girls are born…

2010. Megan leaves her childhood sweetheart behind in the UK to go in search of her long-lost father. Miles from home and temptation is at every corner.

Esmé, a Mexican beauty, married Miguel at fifteen. By unlocking the secrets of her past, can she shed the shackles of her enforced marriage?

Claudia has led a life of privilege but she’s never known what it feels like to be loved. Could David be the answer?

Three women set off on an adventure to uncover the secrets surrounding their missing father. It may be the only way to lay their demons to rest but seeking out the truth could tear their lives apart.

The story begins in 1989 with a young newlywed couple, Danny and Harriet, in Cancun but despite this being their honeymoon things are far from rosy.  Danny can't resist the temptation to sneak out every night to take part in illegal poker games and Harriet is regretting her decision to get married.

So when he returns one night she tells him she's leaving as she's in love with someone else.  Having won a deserted island in one of the poker games, Danny decides to stay on in Mexico as he has nothing to return home for.  Soon he meets first Catalina then Lucy who both help him to believe in love again but as quick as they enter his life, they leave and he's on his own once again.

The story then fast forwards 21 years when we're introduced to three young women, Megan, Esme and Claudia, who couldn't be more different from each other, with different upbringings, but all three end up in Cancun at the same time looking for the same thing... Danny but he appears to have disappeared without a trace.

It's hard to believe that this is the first novel from Alison Lucy as it was very well written and the story flowed easily between the back stories of each of the girls.   This book would make a perfect holiday read on a beach somewhere, or maybe like me you can enjoy reading this in your garden now that our summer has arrived... well for a few days anyway.

I'd like to thank Sam at Constable Robinson for sending me a proof copy of this book to review.  I will be definitely be keeping an eye out for more books by this author in the future.

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  1. I loved Summer of Secrets too and will also be looking out for Alison Lucy's future books.