Friday, 25 May 2012

Books Read: Carole Matthews - Summer Daydreams

Source - Received from publisher to review

What if you had always dreamed of something more...?

Nell McNamara has a happy life: her boyfriend Olly adores her, their four-year-old daughter Petal is the centre of their world and Nell has a steady job in the local chip shop. When the chippy needs a makeover, Nell jumps at the chance to unleash the creativity fizzing inside her.

Inspired by what she can achieve - and encouraged by the best friends a girl can have - Nell is determined to try something new. Waving goodbye to the chip shop, she starts up a new business making her own line of must-have handbags, which are soon flying off the shelves!

It seems Nell's dreams are finally coming true, but her success doesn't come without a price. Before too long, Nell has to ask herself if it's really possible to have it all...

I'd like to thank The Little Brown Book Group for sending me a copy of this book as once again Carole Matthews has written another fantastic story that had me hooked from the start, my chores never seem to get done when I'm reading one of Carole's novels.

Nell McNamara and her boyfriend Olly are your typical everyday young couple trying to make ends meet and bring up their four-year-old daughter Petal.  Nell works in a local fish and chip shop during the day and Olly works night shifts so they are often ships that pass in the night playing havoc with their desire to extend their family.

When Nell gives the fish and chip shop a bit of a makeover, her boss Phil sees that she has an eye for design and tells her that she ought to give up working in the shop and make the most of her talent.  He lends her the money to enroll in art college but things don't go exactly to plan so she's soon asking for her job back but he refuses as he wants her to give designing another go.

Her lifelong passion is for handbags so she decides to set up her own business designing exclusive handbags but is worried that no-one would be interested.  But she needn't have worried as the initial reaction is positive so she decides to go for broke and extend her business loan but this is when the problems start, and poor Nell has more than her fair share of obstacles to overcome.

It was so easy to fall in love with Nell and her dreams and wanting her to overcome everything that was thrown in her path, but I'm also pleased to see that the storyline included realistic everyday issues that we all have to overcome...trying to strike a work/family life balance with the added pressure of setting up a new business.  As well as Nell, Olly and Petal there were a great mix of characters that all help to make the story what it is. 

So what are you waiting for, grab your copy today and enjoy a lazy weekend reading it in the sun...

As with her previous book, Wrapped Up in You, Carole has written a follow up story which is available to subscribers to her newsletter, so make sure that you sign up, if you're not already, so that you can find out what's next for Nell, Olly and Petal.

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