Thursday, 21 June 2012

Books Read: Allie Spencer - Summer Nights

Source - Received from publisher to review  

There's nothing quite like a holiday with your boyfriend...

Flora Fielding can't wait for Barney to join her in San Francisco so they can begin their dream holiday.  Until Barney dumps her, leaving her stranded.  Luckily, Flora's cousin Bella lives in San Francisco and, with nowhere else to go, Flora pitches up at her door.

As a singer in an Abba tribute band, Bella's life is a whirlwind of gigs, sparkly jumpsuits and nights on the town.  And as Flora gets caught up in the excitement, she doesn't have time to worry about her broken heart.

In fact, she's so distracted that before she knows it she's running along a moonlit beach with a very handsome stranger...

Firstly I'd like to wish Allie a happy publication day, Summer Nights is finally published today although I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy from Arrow Publishing.  This is the first of her books with Arrow that I've read as her previous book, Summer Loving, is still sitting in my mini library of books waiting to be read!  I have, however, read her previous books that were part of the Little Black Dress range of books.

Flora has been in San Francisco on business meeting a client and she's now eagerly waiting for her boyfriend Barney to arrive so that they can celebrate her 30th birthday in style.  Except that he has other plans, he phones up to tell her he's not coming and he wants her to move out of their house!

Fortunately for Flora her cousin Bella lives and works in San Francisco as a nurse and she had been planning on meeting up with her during her stay, but after her devastating phone call she decides to turn up on her doorstep to surprise her.  But what Flora doesn't know is that Bella has been keeping secrets from the family that soon comes tumbling out.  The cousins soon find that they will each need to help the other out in their time of need...

As well as being a nurse, Bella is also a member of an Abba tribute band that are taking part in the local Battle of the Tribute Bands competition so soon Flora is caught up in the midst of sequins and jumpsuits that will surely help her take her mind off Barney.

During her stay Flora gets to meet many of Bella's friends and neighbours and soon she hasn't got time to mope about the way things have turned out with Barney as she finds herself getting involved with the local battle to save a historic street in a unique way.  Will she want to leave when it's time to go home? 

I loved this book from the start and fortunately for me I had a few days off work as this was a book that once I started reading, I did not want to put it down.  The characters were all extremely likeable, well except Barney, and I could relate to them all in different ways.  I also loved the setting of San Francisco as it's a place I've always wanted to visit but haven't quite made it there yet.

This book is the perfect summer reading so I'd recommend that you grab a copy and enjoy with a nice cold glass of Pimms.  You can order a copy Amazon in paperback or e-book format.

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