Thursday, 28 June 2012

Books Read: Anna-Lou Weatherley - Chelsea Wives

Source - Received from publisher to review

It bags, botox and platinum cards - welcome to the glamorous lives of the Chelsea Wives.

They are the ultimate ladies who lunch: Imogen, the beautiful ex-model, Calgary, the glamorous, former fashion editor, and Yasmin, the feisty ex-party girl.

But life isn’t all champagne and canap├ęs. Plagued by personal tragedy and united by failing marriages, they mastermind a shocking plan to turn the tables on their husbands.  The Chelsea wives are about to get their own back. 

As you'd expect from a book with a title called Chelsea Wives, the three main characters within the story are the ultimate ladies who lunch... the cream of society.  Calgary, a former fashion editor, is the queen bee of the group and the one that everybody else aspires to be most like; Imogen is a former model who gave it all up for love; and the newest recruit to the clique is the mysterious Yasmin.

But appearances are very deceptive and although it would appear to the naked eye that these women have the world at their feet,  a never-ending balance on their credit cards, more designer clothes and accessories than anyone could ever need and the type of lifestyle where a trip to Cannes is just like us going on a day trip to Brighton, things are not what they seem! 

All three women are trapped in unhappy marriages to absolute scoundrels of husbands.  Calgary's husband Douglas has been unfaithful for years and there seems to be no boundaries as to who he gets into bed with,  Imogen's husband Sebastian is the ultimate control king and manipulates her every move, and as for Yasmin it's very much a marriage of convenience to enable her to get some very crucial evidence...

Through their mutual tales of woe they come up with the ultimate plan to teach their husbands a lesson with some interesting results...

This book was the perfect escapism read in the evenings after a stressful day at work and would be the perfect beach read for those of you jetting off somewhere exciting (jealous as stuck in Blighty this year). 

If you're a fan of Made in Chelsea you'll love this book so why not order your copy now on Amazon, it's available in paperback or you can grab the Kindle version for just 99p. I'd like to thank Avon Books for sending me a copy to review.

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