Sunday, 24 June 2012

Giveaway: Win a copy of Cox by Kate Lace

Just as one giveaway finishes I'm able to bring you another one, the chance to win a copy of Cox by Kate Lace.

There is nothing as fun as messing about with men in boats...
As Amy discovers when she's cornered at Henley Regatta by Rollo, a blond Adonis in lycra, who asks her to give him a massage on the boathouse floor. 

Men like Rollo are the reason Amy wanted to become a sports physiotherapist in the first place, so working for the Oxford boat team is a dream come true. And while the team readies itself for the Boat Race and the rowers dream of being selected for the Olympics, Amy works hard to relieve their stress. In particular Rollo, whose muscles need constant attention; Dan, who looks even better in lycra than his team mate, but requires gentle handling; and Chuck, the coach, who makes up for any deficiencies in the oar department with his wealth of experience. 

As Rollo, Dan and the other rowers race towards the Olympics, Amy's not the only girl who's ready and willing to give them a hand.

Thanks to Arrow who actually sent me two copies of this book to review so I'm able to offer the second copy as a giveaway prize to one lucky reader. To enter simply fill in the Google form here, entries will close at 6pm on 4th July and the winner will then be selected at random.

Sorry due to current financial constraints I'm going to have to restrict this giveaway to UK & Ireland only but hope to run another International giveaway shortly.


  1. Thanks for the giveaway Shaz :)

    1. You're welcome but actually thanks should go to Arrow for the extra copy ;0)

      Good luck x