Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Books Read: Alison Mercer - Stop the Clock

Source - Received from publisher to review

Meet Lucy, Tina and Natalie, twenty-something friends who are all negotiating the risky business of being grown-up

Lucy knows exactly what she wants: her marriage to be a success, her children to be perfect, and to be the ultimate home-maker. 

Tina knows what she wants too: her journalism career to take off and to see her name as a byline in a national newspaper... and the illicit affair she's started leaves her free enough to follow her dreams.

Natalie just wants to be happy - happy with the boyfriend she's dated since college, happy with the job she's drifted into, happy with a life she thinks is enough - but is it really?

Ten years later, all three women have the lives they thought they wanted. But somehow, reality isn't quite as neat and clean-cut as their dreams...

Stop the Clock is the debut novel from author Alison Mercer and tells the story of three close friends, Lucy, Tina and Natalie and how their lives have turned out.   But did things map out as they'd planned and if so, are they happy?

We first meet the three friends on New Year's Eve at the turn of the Millennium, Tina and Natalie are both single whereas Lucy is married to Adam with a baby.  During the evening all three look ahead to the future to where they'd like to be...  Lucy wants to be a good wife and mother; Tina wants to have a successful journalism career and Natalie wants to have the life Lucy has as a wife and mother.  

Ten years on they do appear to have achieved the lives that they had wished for but none of them seem particularly happy with their choice.  And soon all three women have to re-evaluate their lives as they come to grips with the curveballs that are thrown in their path.   

I'm sure that we can all relate to at least one of these three women, or maybe you are a combination of a couple of them.  This book is an honest portrayal of how the choices we make have an impact on our lives and those around us.

I'd like to thank Leanne at Transworld for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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