Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Books Read: Anita Hughes - The Beach Holiday

Source - Received from publisher to review

Sun.  Sea.  Sand.  Temptation...

When Amanda finds her French husband wrapped around his sous-chef, her perfect life comes crashing down.  Worse, Andre seems to think she should just accept his infidelity and carry on as normal for the sake of their young son, Max.

Devastated by his betrayal, she runs away with Max to an exclusive beach resort in Laguna Beach. The St. Regis Hotel is paradise.  But while Amanda knows she should be using the time to think, her love-life gets more complicated when she meets a handsome older man...

Amanda has what most people would call the perfect life, a happy marriage to handsome French chef Andre with whom she has a beautiful son Max.  That is until the day her whole world falls apart when she walks into Andre's restaurant and catches him in a compromising position with his soux chef.   She begins to question everything as she'd given up her own career plans for her family and thought her life was perfect, and to make matters worse she also receives devastating news about her mother's health.

She soon realises that she needs to take some time out to contemplate her future, so with her mother Stephanie and Max she heads off to an exclusive hotel in Laguna Beach to take some time out.  Whilst Max enjoys activities at the kids club she takes time out for herself which is when she meets Edward.  She's flattered by the attention that he showers on her but is she really ready to start a new relationship? 

I have to confess that the only male character in this book that I liked was that of Max as I didn't warm to Andre or Edward at all.  As for Amanda I found myself wanting to shake her to get her to come to her senses whereas Stephanie grew on me the more I got into the storyline.

This is quite a short book, compared to some of the other books I've read recently, which makes The Beach Holiday the perfect book to read whilst relaxing on a sunny summer's afternoon ... that's if the sun ever comes back or if you're going abroad!   I'd like to thank Ebury Press for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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