Monday, 27 August 2012

Books Read: Hazel Osmond - The First Time I Saw Your Face

Jennifer had it all.  But a terrible accident has taken almost everything.

Moving back home, her future isn't looking too bright.  Until she meets Mack.

Sexy, disheveled and just a little clumsy, he starts to make her believe that she can move on from the past and embrace life all over again.  But he has a secret he'd do anything to protect and he'll have to betray her to keep it...

The First Time I Saw Your Face was a book that had been on my wishlist for quite some time ever since I'd read the synposis on Amazon earlier in the year.  I still haven't read Hazel's debut book, Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe, which everyone was raving about but having just read and enjoyed this book I'll definitely be looking to read this sooner rather than later.

After surviving a terrible accident which left her badly scarred, Jennifer abandoned her dreams of training to be an actress and returned home to be with her family and has been living a solitary life.

When Mack is blackmailed by his old boss to go up Northumberland for a job, little does he know that he will fall in love with the person who he's got to try and dupe into dishing the dirt.  Will his conscience get the better of him or will he have to betray the trust of those who've included him in their lives?

Although Jennifer and Mack, aka Matt, are the main characters we're also introduced to many of the locals including those in the local am dram club who're putting on a version of Twelfth Night which provides us with some of the funnier moments in the book. 

This is a poignant tale with plenty of twists and turns as well as a look into the seedy side of journalism. Once I started reading, I just wanted to continue reading to find out how it would all pan out.  Would there be a happy ever after? 

I'd like to thank Quercus for sending me a copy of this book to review.  I hope it's not too long to wait for another fantastic novel from Hazel.

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