Sunday, 30 September 2012

Books Read: Lizzie Enfield - Uncoupled

'We are getting early reports of a train crash on the Brighton to London line...Emergency Services are on their way to the scene'. Holly knew that by staying with her he was putting himself at risk. But, as he held her in the darkness, she didn't want to let him go.

Holly's a mother with children, a husband she loves and a time-consuming job up in London. She copes, and life is good.

So when she is in a train accident on the London to Brighton line, Holly knows that it's just a small chapter in her life and nothing has changed. But Holly can't forget the younger man who comforted her in the chaos of the crash, and when she seems him again on her daily commute up to town, there's a flash of recognition between them. Is it embarrassment? Curiosity? Or is there something more? And what of Anne-Marie, another passenger who has survived. Just what is her story?

I'd like to thank Headline for sending me a proof copy of this book to review and introducing me to an author I hadn't read before, I'll definitely be looking to read more books by Lizzie Enfield in the future.

As Holly begins her morning commute from Brighton to London, little does she know of the events that are about to unfold that could threaten her life as she knows it.  When the train she's travelling on crashes, Holly finds herself trapped but unhurt and is comforted by a complete stranger, Daniel, who puts his own life in danger to stay with her until she is rescued.

Whilst recuperating she cannot stop thinking about him and his good samaritan gesture and wonders whether she'd ever see him again to thank him.  When she returns to work she now notices him on the commute whereas she hadn't done so before, and soon they spark up a friendship based on their mutual experience and start arranging to meet each other outside of the commute.  How will this friendship affect their marriages?

At a survivors meeting they meet Anne-Marie, a woman who was also impacted by the crash, who seems to be a little lost and looking for friendship from complete strangers.  What exactly is her story?  

Uncoupled was a really interesting book to read and shows the impact something this monumental can have on relationships, it's clear to see how such an event could be the making or breaking of a relationship. In this book we have the two main relationships to contend with, Holly and husband Mark, Daniel and wife Daisy but there's also the effect the crash has had on Anne-Marie's life.

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