Thursday, 25 October 2012

Books Read: Monica McInerney - The House of Memories

                             Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are those that matter most...

Following a tragic accident, Ella O'Hanlon flees to the other side of the world in an attempt to escape her grief, leaving behind the two people she blames for her loss: Aidan, the love of her life, and Jess, her spoilt half-sister.  

In London Ella is taken in by her beloved uncle Lucas, whose extraordinary house holds many wonderful memories for her. Along with other members of the very colourful Fox family, Lucas helps Ella to see that she is not the only one still hurting, and that forgiveness can be the greatest healer in a family and in a marriage.

This book is the poignant tale of the devastating impact a tragic accident can have on a loving couple's relationship...

Ella was living the perfect live in Australia; happily married to husband Aidan, who she'd met through her English uncle Lucas, with a gorgeous baby son Felix who she idolised and a job she loved.

The one person she has always been able to rely on for love and support is her uncle Lucas; he's been there for her when her parents split up, when her mother, Meredith, married Walter and she gained step-brother Charlie, when her father died and when her half-sister Jess was born.

But then one day her whole world was turned upside down and the only way she could cope with her pain was to run away... from Aidan, her family, everyone.

During this time she'd take on meaningless jobs to keep herself busy to try and block her memories but nothing can stop the hurt and pain she's feeling.  Although she does keep in sporadic email contact with Charlie, Lucas, Meredith and Walter, she cuts off contact completely with the two people she holds responsible... Aidan and Jess.

Eventually Ella takes up Lucas' offer to come to London to spend time with him and whilst there he slowly works on her to try and get her to talk through the events of the day to see that it truly was a terrible accident and that no-one was to blame.  Will she ever be able to accept this though and forgive Aidan and Jess?  

Although this story is told mainly from Ella's standpoint, we do also get to see how both Aidan and Jess are feeling.  It's a very emotional story and one that could so easily happen in any loving family which is why it's feels so realistic.

Monica McInerney is a fairly new author to me as I'd never read any of her books before but thanks to the lovely girls at Midas PR, who sent me review copies of both Lola's Secret and The House of Memories this year, she is definitely an author whose books I will be looking out for in the future.

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