Thursday, 8 November 2012

Books Read: Sue Moorcroft - Dream a Little Dream

What would you give to make your dreams come true?

Liza Reece has a dream. Working as a reflexologist for a troubled holistic centre isn’t enough. When the opportunity arises to take over the Centre she jumps at it. Problem is, she needs funds, and fast, as she’s not the only one interested.

Dominic Christy has dreams of his own. Diagnosed as suffering from a rare sleep disorder, disillusioned with his live-in girlfriend and discharged from the job he adored as an Air Traffic Controller, he’s single-minded in his aims. He has money, and plans for the Centre that don’t include Liza and her team.

But dreams have a way of shifting and changing and Dominic’s growing fascination with Liza threatens to reshape his. And then it’s time to wake up to the truth ...

The two main characters in this book are Liza, a reflexologist who works at the holistic centre, The Stables, and Dominic, who initially comes to Liza as a patient.  Liza's whole life revolves around her job at The Stables following the break up with boyfriend under painful circumstances, and Dominic is trying to find a new purpose in life following his recent diagnoses with the sleep disorder Narcolepsy.

As The Stables is linked to a hotel, it should be doing well but the manager of the centre is not prepared to listen to any of Liza's ideas to increase business for herself and the other therapists. Meanwhile when Dominic hears that the lease at The Stables could be up for grabs, he's seriously interested in it, and some more of the land from the hotel, to launch a new outdoor activity centre but the holistic therapies are definitely not part of his plans which puts him on a collision course with Liza.  

Will they be able to put their differences aside to work together, especially when a third party comes into the equation that threatens both of their livelihoods, to make both of their dreams come true?

Dream a Little Dream is the first Sue Moorcroft book that I've read and if this is a sign of what I can expect to find in her other books then I won't be disappointed.  I really enjoyed the storyline and actually learnt a thing or two about Narcolepsy along the way and it contained a fantastic mix of characters, not just the main characters Dominic and Liza, but also the supporting characters but I especially loved the sound of the lovable dog Crosswind, I wish I had a dog like him.

I'd like to thank Jane at Choc Lit Publishing for sending me an ebook copy of this book to review.

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely review! I'm really glad you enjoyed 'Dream'. I loved writing it, even if it seemed to be in charge of me, rather than the other way around. :-)