Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas Shorts with... Sophie King

Today I'm pleased to welcome Sophie King to the spotlight for the Christmas Shorts feature.  To date Sophie has written 5 books as Sophie King as well as 2 books under the name of Janey Fraser, most of which I have read. 

Earlier in the summer I reviewed Sophie's e-book collection of short stories, Tales from the Heart, which can be read here and I'm looking forward to reading her new book, Divorce for Beginners, which is due to be published shortly as well as the next Janey Fraser book, Happy Families, which is due out in March. 

What is your earliest Christmas memory?  
Getting into a lift at the old department store Gamages in London with my mother to see Father Christmas. It was like visiting Narnia.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
Singing carols in church and also putting out the children's stockings even though they're older now!

What is or was the best book-related Christmas gift that you’ve received?
A book of Christmas carols that I still have and a children's story that started with the line 'It was the night before Christmas. I can't remember the title but it still makes me tingle.
What is your favourite Christmas book?
Mill on the Floss. It's not a Christmas book but I finished it one New Year's Eve in tears. The best New Year's Eve I ever had.
What is your favourite Christmas film?
Home Alone. We still watch it every year.
What is your favourite Christmas song?
Silent Night.
If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
With my children and husband and dog at home by the sea. 
What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?
Getting to grips with my new iPad. Seriously, having children time. When they're older, you never know when they will turn up.
Will you be making a new years resolution?   
Yes. To chill out more. Then I'll break it. Happens every year. I'm only calm when writing.

Who would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?
My husband but the dog will join in.

What one thing would you like to receive in your stocking?
Two hours of peace at my desk so I can write a short story or chapter. Failing that, a bar of Chanel soap.
Finally a few quick fire questions to finish

Christmas at Home or Away? Home
Mulled Wine or Winter Pimms? Non-alcoholic Pimms. Can't drink booze any more after an op that inadvertently changed my taste buds, but I keep trying!
Sprouts... Delicious or evil? OK if not overdone and have pine nuts with them.
Yule Log or Mince Pie? Neither. Sorry. Choc mousse.
A Christmas Carol or Hogfather? A Christmas Carol
Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life? It's A Wonderful Life

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