Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Shorts with... Sue Moorcroft

My Christmas Shorts guest today is romance writer Sue Moorcroft, whose latest book Dream a Little Dream was shortlisted for the Best Romantic Read Award 2012.   Sue also writes short stories, serials, articles, teaches creative writing and judges writing competitions... an extremely busy lady!

Sue has written a fun guide on Ten ways to enjoy Christmas which we hope you enjoy so I'll hand over to Sue.

See as many of your friends and family as you can cram into your calendar.  Even those who don't really care for Christmas, enjoy the parties/meals/drinks!  Try and avoid these being held in your home.

But if you haven't avoided being the host, don't clean your house because then the guests won't feel bad about the state of theirs.  In fact, you'll be helping to make them comfortable.  (So long as you don't give them salmonella poisoning because of the state of the kitchen.)
Buy yourself a wonderful Christmas present, the one you know others won't buy you.  You know you deserve it.  Frivolous shoes would be good but if they're too expensive, go for frivolous underwear.    

Offer your significant other a day off to do exactly as s/he pleases. Say that you'll look after the kids/do the shopping/visit relatives on your own so that s/he can have a guilt-free day to veg out/play footie/prop up the bar/have a facial.  Then plan your own guilt-free day off because s/he will HAVE to reciprocate.  If s/he doesn't, just sneak out early and leave a note. 

Ask everyone who buys you presents to give you vouchers or money, then hit the sales the instant the shops reopen.  Sometimes, people hate giving money or vouchers so they give you a gift as well.  Result.   

If you're the one cooking Christmas dinner, buy your favourite wine/chocolate to drink/eat as you cook.  It feels better, honestly.

If you're the one washing up, buy a bigger bottle of wine and a bigger box of chocolates! 

Then, if you hate the after-dinner board games, you'll have drunk/eaten so much that you'll go to sleep while the others play.    

If you'd like your guests to leave and they look as if they've settled in until New Year, pretend you think you're coming down with a horrible virus.  Cough a lot and clutch your stomach.   

Forget Christmas.  Go on holiday somewhere hot instead.  

Thanks Sue, I'm sure a few of these are likely to come in handy for someone this year.  If you'd like to learn more about Sue, why not check out her website and blog for news and writing tips.  Or you can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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