Sunday, 6 January 2013

Books Read: Logan Belle - Blue Angel

Mallory Dale doesn't like surprises. At least, that was the case. When her boyfriend takes her to a burlesque club for her twenty-fifth birthday, all she wants to do is go home and get under her bedcovers. So when she is pulled up on stage by one of the dancers and stripped down to her bra, in front of a roaring crowd - surprisingly, she loves every second of it.

Over time, Mallory begins to devote herself to the world of burlesque. It awakens new-found sensual pleasures and reveals her true sexual nature. But she risks losing Alec in the process - or can she really have it all?

When Mallory Dale's boyfriend says that he's taking her out for a surprise for her 25th birthday, little does she know that this night out will have such a big impact on her life.  Alec is writing an article about burlesque for the magazine he works for so he takes her to The Blue Angel, a contemporary burlesque club, for research purposes.

At first Mallory is angry and upset with him as this would not be her choice of venue for spending her birthday, especially as he's been pushing for threesomes to liven up their sex life, but when she's lured on stage by one of the dancers, Bette Noir, she reluctantly agrees but it's as if a flame is lit from within as she comes alive on stage.

When Alec goes to interview Bette the next day he brings Mallory at Bette's request.  It's clear to see that Bette is clearly interested in her, as she flirts with her throughout, so Mallory reluctantly agrees to the menage a trois that Alec has been after even though she's still uncomfortable with this development in their relationship.  But will this liaison help them grow stronger or will it actually tear them apart?

Meanwhile reliving the moment in the spotlight also causes Mallory to question what she really wants to do with her life, does she really want to re-sit the bar exam and become a lawyer?  Her first love had always been dance, so could she make a career as a burlesque dancer?  

One of the things I actually liked about Blue Angel is the way that the author has explored the confusion and conflict of emotions that Mallory feels about everything that's happening to her, you can actually feel the anguish and pain that she's going through with every scenario she's faced with and every decision she has to make.  Deep down it's clear that Alec and Mallory love each other but can they make each other happy?

I'd like to thank Gina at Giant Rooster PR for sending me the Angel trilogy books to review.

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