Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Books Read: Logan Belle - Fallen Angel

Mallory Dale works as a paralegal in a top Manhattan law firm, by day. But at night, she's a bombshell burlesque performer on the rise. Her dream is to become a top dancer but she becomes distracted when her boyfriend, Alec, starts pushing her erotic boundaries. Can she handle a three-way with a wildly uninhibited dominatrix? Or should she hang up her feathers and focus on her day job?

At the firm her sexy boss unexpectedly ignites her deepest fantasies and tempts her to find satisfaction away from her tempestuous relationship with Alec. But is she ready to play it safe and give up the man she's always loved for the thrill of life on the edge?

Fallen Angel is the second book in the Blue Angel trilogy by Logan Belle but don't worry if you've not read Blue Angel as you can still read this and pick up what's happened previously.

Since her surprise birthday trip to The Blue Angel, Mallory finds herself drawn deep into the world of burlesque and has become a firm favourite at club dancing as Moxie.  But it's getting harder for to combine her day job as a paralegal with the demands of dancing at the club late into the night. Will her two worlds collide forcing her to make a decision as to which life she wants to follow and which she'll have to sacrifice...
With her relationship with Alec at an all-time low Mallory gives into her attraction to her boss Gavin but it's soon clear that her new-found sexual appetite is not compatible with his.  Can she revert to being 'vanilla' to make it work with Gavin even though it no longer satisfies her or was Alec the one for her after all... is it too late to mend the fences with him?

Once again Mallory and Alec are the major characters in the book, but there's also an interesting mix of other characters, Billy Barton, Bette, Violet, and Justin and Martha Baxter.  As an erotic read this book has a wide range of sexual scenes and tastes so there is certainly something in there to please everyone. 
Once again I'd like to thank Gina at Giant Rooster PR for sending me these books.

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