Thursday, 28 February 2013

Books Read: Jill Mansell - Don't Want to Miss a Thing

Dexter Yates loves his fun, care-free London life; he has money, looks and girlfriends galore. But everything changes overnight when his sister dies, leaving him in charge of her eight-month-old daughter Delphi. How is he ever going to cope?

Comic-strip artist Molly Hayes lives in the beautiful Cotswold village of Briarwood. When it comes to relationships, she has a history of choosing all the wrong men. Leaving the city behind, Dex moves to Briarwood - a much better place to work on his parenting skills - and he and Molly become neighbours. There's an undeniable connection between them. But if Dexter's going to adapt, he first has a lot to learn about Molly, about other people's secrets...and about himself.

Dexter Yates is living the dream life in London.... working hard but playing just as hard with a neverending supply of pretty girls falling at his feet.  But life is about to change dramatically for Dexter when he receives the devastating news that his sister Laura has died suddenly leaving him sole custody of his eight-month-old niece Delphi..

Determined to prove that he can be a responsible adult Dexter ups sticks and moves to the cottage in Briarwood that he'd previously bought as an investment where he meets neighbour Molly with whom he strikes up a close friendship despite their first encounter involving a fish... which literally had me snorting with laughter... you'll have to read it for yourself to see what this is about!

Over the years I have read all of Jill Mansell's books and can honestly say that I think Don't Want to Miss a Thing is her best book to date.  I loved it from the first page and once I started reading I did not want to put it down.  I just had to keep on reading to see whether or not Dexter was going to prove himself as a father in his own eyes let alone anyone elses.  

I loved the whole concept of accepting guardianship for someone elses child, I'm sure there are lots of people who have been named as guardian in a will as a "just in case anything happens to me".  I know that I have but for most of us we never have to see it play out in reality.   

The book is full of delightful characters not just Dexter, Delphi and Molly but also Frankie, Amber, Sam, Lois and Stefan to name but a few.  Dexter and Delphi's story is not the only one told in this book, there are several other side stories involving the characters mentioned above which only helped to draw you in to the book, you wanted to cheer them on or offer them support in equal measures.

But I have to see that my favourite character was definitely Dexter purely because he was far from perfect, none of us are, but had such a heart of gold and wanted nothing but the best for Delphi.  You couldn't help but will him on to prove that he could be the best father that any little girl could hope for... 

I'd like to thank Helena at Headline for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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