Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Books Read: Nicci French - Tuesday's Gone

For Frieda Klein the days get longer, the cases darker...

Psychotherapist Frieda Klein thought she was done with the police. But once more DCI Karlsson is knocking at her door. 

A man's decomposed body has been found in the flat of Michelle Doyce, a woman trapped in a world of strange mental disorder. The police don't know who it is, how he got there or what happened - and Michelle can't tell them. But Karlsson hopes Frieda can get access to the truths buried beneath her confusion. 

Painstakingly, Frieda uncovers a possible identity for the corpse: Robert Poole, a jack of all trades and master conman. But the deeper Frieda and Karlsson dig into Poole's past, the more of his victims they encounter - and the more motives they find for murder. Meanwhile, violent ghosts from Frieda's own past are returning to threaten her. 

Unable to discover quite who is telling the truth and who is lying, they know they are getting closer to a killer. But whoever murdered Poole is determined to stay free - and anyone that gets too close will meet the same fate.

I actually received a proof copy of Tuesday's Gone from Penguin Books last year when it was first published in Trade Paperback but due to the volume of books I received I was unable to fit it in at that timeSo as the paperback publication date was last month I've decided to review it now to coincide with this.  

Dr Frieda Klein finds herself drawn into another mysterious case by DCI Karlsson, this time a decomposing body found in a mentally unbalanced woman's flat.  Just who is this man, how did Michelle Doyce know him and how did he die... was it natural causes or murder?.. all questions that Karlsson and Klein find themselves asking throughout their investigations. 

But the more they dig the more they discover that the victim, Robert Poole, was not the person everyone thought he was which soon leads the investigation into a completely new direction with Frieda not willing to let things lie when they seemingly had a suspect.  Her gut instincts tell her that, although this man certainly had a motive, he was not Robert Poole's killer so she carries on her own investigations would could lead her into a whole lot of trouble...

One thing I would say though is that I'm glad that I managed to find time to read the first Fieda Klein book, Blue Monday, before I started reading Tuesday's Gone, as there was a recap of the previous story in the first couple of chapters and a couple of the characters from Blue Monday crop up throughout this book which could have spoilt it for me

Tuesday's Gone was a cleverly crafted story with lots of twists and turns to keep you on your toes, and an interesting cast of characters, although maybe 1 or 2 too many, which all add up to make this psychological thriller an enjoyable read.  I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from Frieda and Karlsson in the future so can't wait to read Waiting for Wednesday which is due to be published later this year.

I'd like to thank Penguin for sending me a proof copy of this book and apologise for the delay in reviewing it.

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