Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Debut Spotlight: Elizabeth Fremantle

Today's debut spotlight guest is Elizabeth Fremantle whose debut historical novel, Queen's Gambit, is due to be published next month.  Queen's Gambit is about Henry VIII's only surviving wife, Katherine Parr so if you love history then make sure you add this to your wishlist. 

Elizabeth Fremantle used to work as a fashion editor for top magazines including Elle and Vogue. Wanting to develop her writing skills, Fremantle gave up her job to go to university when she was in her 30s and a single parent to two children. Her personal story is fascinating and shows that you CAN fulfil your dreams, even with difficult circumstances.

As the only surviving wife of Henry VIII the Victorians unfairly painted Katherine Parr as a dull, matronly, figure. But Fremantle, using up-to-date research, banishes this dusty queen to the historical rubbish bin and instead draws a portrait of an intelligent, forward-thinking, fallible woman: a woman who, far from being an alien, historical figure is a heroine for modern women. Why do intelligent women make bad decisions when it comes to love?

Katherine Parr, widowed for the second time aged thirty-one, is obliged to return to court but, suspicious of the aging king and those who surround him, she does so with reluctance. Nevertheless, when she finds herself caught up in a passionate affair with the dashing and seductive Thomas Seymour, she believes she might finally be able to marry for love. But her presence at court has attracted the attentions of another . . .

Captivated by her honesty and intelligence, Henry Tudor has his own plans for Katherine
and no one is in the position to refuse a proposal from the king. So with her charismatic
lover dispatched to the continent, Katherine must accept the hand of the ailing egotistical
monarch and become Henry's sixth wife - and yet she has still not quite given up on love.

If the book details above aren't enough to tempt you to pick up a copy, perhaps the book trailer below might.  Queen's Gambit will be published in Hardback on 14 March and will be out in paperback later this year.

If you'd still like to know more about Elizabeth and the book, why not visit:   
Facebook: Elizabeth Fremantle
Twitter: @LizFremantle

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