Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Books Read: Eleanor Prescott - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love

This Valentine's Day, Roxy Squires is waiting for the phone to ring... Roxy is famous. At least, she used to be. She's a good-time TV presenter and, OK, so things haven't been going so well recently, but she knows her big break is just around the corner. What she's really looking for is someone to propel her back to the big time. 

Enter Woody, one-time pop star and Roxy's ultimate dream date, now working as her window cleaner. He's the answer to her prayers - but for some reason, he doesn't want to be famous any more. And it turns out that they're not the only celebs in the village. Roxy's living amongst a motley crew of former stars and fame survivors, who meet weekly to discuss their new lives. Is this the reality check Roxy needs? 

Or maybe it's a chance to do the unthinkable and fall in love...?

Could It Be I'm Falling in Love was one of the books that I had originally intended to feature in my Valentine's feature week but I wasn't able to find the time to read it to fit it in especially as it wasn't a quick read at 500+ pages.

Roxy Squires, or Foxy Roxy as she used to be called, cannot admit that her career is on a downward slide, she's desperate to regain her previous success as a ladette TV presenter but all her attempts to gain work are drawing a blank.

Now living in the quiet village of Lavender Heath Roxy has to try and figure out what else she can do to make a name for herself again and when she realises that her window cleaner Woody was the once infamous pop star nicknamed 'The Woodeniser' she decides that he could be her ticket to fame again.

Except Woody has turned his back on that lifestyle and is more than happy with his current lot and his friends from the village.  When Woody invites Roxy to his house she mistakenly assumes that it's a date and dresses to seduce so she's surprised when she gets there to see a group of other people who all seem vaguely familiar.  It would appear that Woody and Roxy are not the only former celebs who live in the village... 

What I really enjoyed most about this book was the great mix of characters, not just Roxy and Woody, but also the other members of the 'Has Beens' group, each of whom has their own story that you get to learn more about throughout the book.  But I have to confess I didn't really like Roxy as a character at first but as the story progressed I did start to warm to her a bit more but she definitely didn't make it to the top as my favourite character, that honour would have to go to Woody.  

My only criticism about the book was that personally for me it was a little too long but despite this I did enjoy reading it and would recommend it to others.

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