Thursday, 28 March 2013

Books Read: Jacqui Rose - Trapped

As teenagers, Maggie Donaldson and Johnny Taylor fell hard and fast in love. But they didn’t know they were from rival gangland families in London’s criminal underworld. Going public with their relationship would have brought them more trouble than they could handle, so for years they concealed the truth. But their house of cards won’t be safe for much longer.

Maggie’s violent father Max has always been out for the Taylors’ blood and treats his own family with barely more sympathy. There’s a long-buried reason for the vendetta that no one talks about, a secret so shocking it could tear each family – and Maggie and Johnny – apart…

Jacqui Rose's Trapped centres on two feuding families who between them control London's Soho streets; the Donaldson's controlled by Max who rules his house with a fist of iron like he does his business,  and Frankie, whose Taylor family runs most of the seedy clubs in the district.

So when Maggie, Max's daughter, and Johnny, Frankie's son, meet and fall in love, they know that their relationship is doomed from the start... it's a modern day Romeo & Juliet story which they can only see ending in one way if their father's found out about them and not the way they'd like...  

At first it's not clear how the rivalry between Max and Frankie started but once the story progresses you find out little snippets here and there enabling the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. 

This was a fast-paced book right from the off which I managed to read in just over a day.  I normally hate violence, including reading about it, but I don't think this story would have been believable without this element in there. 

I have to confess that I'm a sucker for romance so I loved the element of Maggie & Johnny's forbidden romance in amongst the sex, drugs and violence that filled the rest of the story.

If you like books with a grittier edge, then this one is definitely one that you should pick up.  I'll definitely read more books by this author in the future including her debut book, Taken, which I've not read yet.

I'd like to thank Becke at Avon for sending me a copy of this book to review.  

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