Friday, 8 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Debut Spotlight: Margaret Scott

Today the debut spotlight shines on Margaret Scott whose debut novel, Between You and Me, has recently been published by Poolbeg.

Margaret lives in Kildare with her husband Keith Darcy, two little girls Isabelle & Emily, four dogs, two cats, two donkeys, a pony and a rabbit.

An accountant by day, Margaret recently fulfilled a life long dream of being a published author and her first book ‘Between You and Me’ is currently enjoying its second week in the ROI top ten Bestsellers List.

A former columnist with the Leinster Leader, Margaret’s writing focuses mainly on the funny side of family life, her motto being ‘If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry!’. She is a firm believer in mothers helping mothers and her book touches on this theme to some extent.

Margaret is currently working on her second novel.

Holly Green is an auditor with a New York firm. While working temporarily in the Dublin office, she falls in love with her colleague Oliver Conlon. Fresh out of a disastrous love affair, she now feels she can rebuild her future. 

Then she comes up against corrupt businessman Ger Baron and her tough- minded tactics land her in hot water at work. It looks like she must return to New York, leaving Oliver and a lot of unresolved issues behind. 

But, suddenly thinking outside the box, she makes a decision that puts her in a very strange situation indeed . . . 

A few days later Holly is live-in nanny to two small children a withdrawn five-year-old and a demon two-year-old and is wishing she really did have the experience she claimed she had on her CV. Then she makes two discoveries: Supernanny - and the fact that applying her own business training may be just the thing to whip the household into shape . . . 

Whipping Oliver Conlon into shape is another item on her agenda . . .

To find out more about Margaret and her book, why not visit her at:   

Facebook: Margaret Scott Books
Twitter: @mgtscott

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