Friday, 22 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Sneak Peek: Emma Hannigan - Perfect Wives & Keeping Mum

Emma Hannigan is an author whose books I've started reading in the last couple of years.  Whilst browsing on Amazon I've seen that she's got a new book, Perfect Wives, being published as a Trade Paperback on.  I love the sound of it so will add it to my wishlist to order when it's published as a regular paperback.

When actress Jodi Ludlum returns home to Ireland to raise her young so in the leafy South Dublin village of Bakers Valley, she's determined to shield him from the media spotlight that has dogged her throughout her glittering career. Even if coming home means leaving her husband - and waking old ghosts.

Meanwhile, Francine Hennessy, queen of the coffee mornings, was born and raised in Bakers Valley. She takes pride in juggling her children, her beautiful home and her high-powered career. But behind closed doors, Francine's life is crumbling around her.

As Jodi struggles to keep her secrets to herself, and Francine comes to terms with some life-changing news, the two become unlikely friends. When they do, they quickly discover that there's no such thing as the perfect wife, or the perfect life - but sometimes it's better to be happy than to be perfect.

Having just received confirmation of my annual bonus I can now start to plan which books from my wishlist to treat myself to.  One of the books on the top of the list is Emma's previous book, Keeping Mum, which has just been published in paperback.

A holiday is coming at just the right time for three mothers and their daughters...

Mia hopes a week away with her youngest, Felicity, will bridge the gap she feels has grown since her only daughter left for college in Dublin.

Meanwhile Ava is desperate to convince her newly-engaged daughter Daisy that her forthcoming nuptials are a huge mistake. But why is she so against the marriage?

Greta has long accepted that she and her daughter Tally are very different people. The holiday was her husband's plan to bring mother and daughter together. But will a week in the sun be enough for them to work through their differences?

As the mothers struggle to come to terms with their daughters growing up, they learn that loving someone means letting go - and always being there to pick up the pieces . . .

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