Sunday, 10 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Sneak Peeks: Emma Heatherington - One Night Only

Having read all of Emma Heatherington's previous books, including her books written as Emma Louise Jordan, I was definitely interested in finding out more about her new book, One Night Only, when I saw on Amazon that it was being published on 28 March.  Fortunately Emma kindly provided me with the synopsis and book cover and it sure sounds like it's going to be another cracking read from Emma.

Polly's marriage has gone off the boil big time. Her husband ignores her, her children take her for granted and she feels as glamorous as a dirty dishcloth.
She needs a break and she needs one now.

Gorgeous schoolteacher Tess is under pressure. Her husband wants a baby now. She wants one never.
She needs a break and she needs one now.

Mousey housewife Gina has had enough. Her life is a misery and she is living on the edge of her nerves with her bullyboy husband Trevor and his bit on the side.
She needs a break and she needs one now.

When blast from the past, Ruth Monaghan, comes back to live nearby, the ladies meet up and agree to a girly night out.

Just one night away from it all - one night to recharge their batteries, to let down their hair and to discover what it really is they want in life.

But throw in a raucous stag party, a handsome policeman and a charming man called Marco and these four desperate housewives get a hangover and a whole lot more in a hilarious night out that they will never forget! 

Sounds like the perfect night out to me so I cannot wait to start reading this book to find out everything they get up to....

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