Sunday, 31 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Sneak Peeks: Roisin Meaney - Something in Common

I can't believe it's the last day of my Irish Fiction Month feature, first up I bring you a quick glimpse at Roisin Meaney's new book, Something in Common, which is due out on 1st May.  

It's 1975. Helen O'Dowd and Sarah Flannery encounter one another briefly, under traumatic circumstances. Three years later their lives collide unexpectedly again, and for the next thirty years they remain in contact without ever laying eyes on one another again, or realising that they once met.

As time goes by they share their triumphs and disasters, their hopes and their fears.

This is a story that begins on a bridge on an autumn afternoon. It's a story of marriage, children, love and true friendship.

The inspiration for this book came from my mother, who corresponded with another Irish woman for years without meeting her. I was intrigued by this notion, and decided to use it as the underlying theme in Something in Common. The main difference between this book and all the others is that it spans over 20 years, from 1975 to 1998. Bit of a challenge!

Having read all of Roisin's previous books except The Things We Do For Love which is in my TBR pile, and reviewed One Summer earlier this month as part of this feature month, I'm really looking forward to this one too this summer.

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