Sunday, 3 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Sneak Peeks: Tara Moore - Blue-Eyed Girl

One of the books that has been on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time is Blue-Eyed Girl by Tara Moore ever since I first heard about it when it was published as a Trade paperback last summer.  But finally the wait is over as it's being published in paperback format on 28 March so I'll be able to buy a copy as soon as I get my bonus at the end of March. 

Anya Keating loves her job as PA to Macdara Fitzgerald, owner of the stunning Lismore estate and its string of racehorses. Macdara is an indulgent and generous employer and Anya has grown very fond of him. But when he rashly proposes marriage, their friendship - and her position - is threatened, and Anya is torn between her loyalty to Macdara and her feelings for his grandson, handsome horse trainer Fergal.

Enter Orla Fitzgerald, Macdara's estranged granddaughter. Orla may have left Lismore a child, but she has returned a sophisticated and beautiful woman. So beautiful, in fact, that most of the men are in thrall to her - and Anya can only watch with growing apprehension as Orla works her magic on Fergal.

But Orla may not be the blue-eyed girl people take her for. There are dark undercurrents that run beneath life on the estate. A tragedy lies in Orla's past, and she is determined to claim her birthright, no matter who stands in her way.

But if you can't wait until 28 March to start reading Blue-Eyed Girl then why not head over to Amazon where you can read an extract here or you can buy a Kindle copy. 

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