Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Irish Fiction Month Sneak Peeks: Zoe Miller - The Compromise & A Family Scandal

I've had lots of fun looking for books by Irish authors to promote during this feature month but one that particularly caught my eye was Zoe Miller’s next book, The Compromise, which is due out next month.

Wealthy privileged Juliet Jordan lies trapped on a ledge at the bottom of a cliff, not knowing if she fell or was pushed.

What enemy would go so far to get her out of the way? Or what friend ...

Juliet was about to go head to head with Matthew Moore in the country's latest Presidential Election contest. Matthew and Juliet have often clashed but now she stands squarely in the way of his power-hungry ambition.

Matthew's wife, the wealthy but insecure Rose, has her own reasons for not wanting Juliet to contest the battle and her sister Rebecca, Juliet's best friend, grows increasingly alarmed that the ruthless campaign could destroy all their lives. 

When Juliet is found, no one escapes the emotional fall out, not even the beautiful Danielle, Rebecca's daughter, who has fled Dublin after the fraught break-up of her engagement. 

The tangled ties of forbidden love and friendship, old secrets and heartbreak that bind all the women are ripped apart until there is nothing left. And they have to realise what really counts, and what is the true meaning of love. 

The Compromise is definitely one book that I want to read this year so it's been added to my Amazon wishlist to buy when it comes out in paperback format in October.  In the meantime I've just been bought a copy of her latest book, A Family Scandal, as an early Easter present.

The Rock Star
It is twenty years since rock musician Zach Anderson mysteriously plunged to his death in a lake. When media interest in the incident is suddenly re-ignited, hidden tensions fracture the glamorous facade of the Morgan family, totally changing their lives.

The Sisters
Twenty years after this tragedy, the Morgan sisters Ellie, Miranda and their half-sister Lucy, Zach Anderson's love child, find themselves in the harsh glare of the media spotlight once more.

When their mother falls seriously ill, the sisters are forced to return to Dublin. They must confront each other as well as their greatest fears. But what secrets are they hiding? Will their love for one another hold them together or tear them apart?

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