Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Books Read: Claire McGowan - The Lost

Not everyone who's missing is lost

When two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before. Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer. But the truth could be even darker.

Not everyone who's lost wants to be found

Surrounded by people and places she tried to forget, Paula digs into the cases as the truth twists further away. What's the link with two other disappearances from 1985? And why does everything lead back to the town's dark past- including the reasons her own mother went missing years before?

Nothing is what it seems

As the shocking truth is revealed, Paula learns that sometimes, it's better not to find what you've lost.

Last year I read and reviewed Claire McGowan's debut novel, The Fall, which I really enjoyed so I was very happy to receive a proof copy of her latest book, The Lost, from her publishers to read ahead of the publication date which is tomorrow.

The Lost is the first book in what is promising to be a great series which features forensic psychologist Paula Maguire.  In this story Paula has been asked to join a team which has been created to investigate a case involving a couple of missing teenage girls in her home town of Ballyterrin in Northern Ireland, a town she left over ten years ago and has never returned to until now. 

Part of her job will be to try and see whether there are any potential links between these two missing girls, as well as some of the police forces cold cases of previous missing girls whose disappearances still remain a mystery and a constant source of pain for their families.  But this case also opens old wounds for Paula at a personal level too. 

However the townsfolk don't seem to be going out of the way to help Paula and the rest of the team especially DI Guy Brooking who has been seconded from the Met police force.  Guy and Paula know that people in the town know more than they are telling but they just need to try and find out who, what and why...

This was a real page turner and I had a couple of extremely late nights reading as I just couldn't put it down, I just had to keep reading one more chapter to find out more.  Having been thoroughly engrossed with this book I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series to see what case Paula will be involved with next.

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