Monday, 8 April 2013

Books Read & Giveaway: Mandy Baggot - Security

Autumn Raine is a pop vocalist at the very top of her game.  She's a style icon, the paparazzi's darling and everyone wants to be her friend.  But when her safety is threatened, her whole life starts to unravel.

Enter Nathan Regan, an ex-elite soldier who is assigned to protect her.  He's a good man doing bad things but what drives him?  Passion?  Madness?  Or grief?  Demons from his past are threatening to consume him.  Can he win the fight alone or will he have to admit he needs help?

As the threat deepens, Autumn starts to find out who she really needs in her life.  Is there still room for personal assistant Janey or rapper boyfriend Rockweiler?  When everyone around her is feeding her lies, how does she work out the truth?  Does her record producer know more than he's letting on?  What is her mother, the British Foreign Secretary's involvement in the situation?  And can Autumn put her faith in a forty-something Jamaican woman who handles an automatic weapon as expertly as she cooks?

Eluding kidnap and trying to stay alive, can Autumn find the strength to be the person she longs to be?  And can two people poles apart forge something strong enough to survive anything?

Today I'm kicking off the blog tour, organised by Fiction Addiction Book Tours, for Mandy Baggot's new book Security.

Autumn Raine is a singer who appears to have the world at her feet, an award winning successful career, a glamorous lifestyle and a gorgeous rapper boyfriend. But appearances are deceiving as she's extremely lonely as doesn't really have any close family or friends to confide in.

Her relationship with her mother Alison, a prominent politician, is practically non-existent so she's stunned when her mother arranges a meeting with her and tells her that a kidnap threat has been made against Autumn and that she's hired a bodyguard, an ex special forces agent Nathan Regan, to protect her. But who is after her and why?

Before she knows it Autumn's world is turned upside down and she's whisked out of the country with only Nathan for company, gone is the 5* luxury lifestyle that she's used to and in its place she has to cope with being told what she can and can't do by Nathan. 

So what do you get when you cross an International superstar with OCD tendencies with a rugged bodyguard who sees danger lurking at every corner, well you'll just have to read the book to find out for yourself.   

I have to confess I didn't particularly like either of the main characters at first, Autumn just appeared to be a spoilt little princess used to getting what she wants, and Nathan seemed like a bit of a cold fish.  But as the story progressed they did grow on me more as you get to see the real people behind the bravado and see that they have more in common with each other than they think.    

Although this is Mandy's 6th book it's actually the first book of hers that I've read although I do currently have a couple others sat on my Kindle waiting to be read at some stage in the future.

Thanks to Mandy's publishers, Sapphire Star Publishing, I have an eBook copy of Security to give away to one of you, to enter simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below.  Once the winner has been selected I'll contact you to see what format you'd like the book in and I'll then pass your details onto the publisher to send you the eBook.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
As part of the launch, Mandy is also doing an extra giveaway. Anyone who posts a review on Amazon between now and the end of May can enter into the Rafflecopter draw to win a £25/$40 Amazon gift certificate.


  1. Thank you for kicking off the tour Sharon.

    I'm glad the leads grew on you :)


  2. Great start to the tour, congrats to Mandy and thanks to Sharon for hosting! XX

  3. Hi Sharon

    Thank you so much for having me on your website today! It's so nice to be here!

    Mandy :)

  4. I highly recommend this book - good luck to win a copy all you lovely ladies checking out this feature!

  5. Great start for a great book and great lady. Hope it's a thundering success for you, Mandy xx :)

  6. Yep, I highly recommend it, too. FABulous book! Thoroughly enjoyed it! :) xx