Monday, 29 April 2013

Books Read: Marie Maxwell - Gracie

Can you ever escape your past?

Gracie McCabe is building a new life for herself in the Essex seaside town of Southend working alongside best friend Ruby; she’s put her past to rest and is planning her future.

All that is missing is a family of her own, Gracie desperately wants a baby so when boyfriend Sean proposes she accepts without hesitation.

But a chance meeting before the wedding gives her doubts and when old secrets come back to haunt her, it seems that Sean is not the rock of strength she expected him to be.

Will Gracie find her happy ever after or will she be betrayed and abandoned once again?

When Gracie first met Ruby they were both at their lowest ebb after having to give up their babies for adoption although under different circumstances.  Their shared experience created a bond between them that would make them lifelong friends.  Years later they are both working alongside each other running the hotel in Southend that Ruby has inherited and looking forward to brighter futures.  

When her boyfriend Sean proposes on New Year's Eve, Gracie hopes that this will be the start of everything she has dreamed of, a happy marriage and the chance to be a mother again.  But how can they really start a new life together when he doesn't know everything about her past?  

As her wedding plans progress Gracie has still not found the right moment to tell Sean about her baby, will her family let her secret slip before she has a chance to tell him herself?  She's thrown further into doubt when a chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her question how she can have feelings for another man when she's supposed to be in love with Sean?  Will she be able to make the right decision even if it hurts others?

I really felt for Gracie who never really had the full support of her family so wanted her to find true happiness, whether it was with or without Sean, so I was routing for her to make the right decisions along the way.  Ruby was such a delightful character too, I hadn't read the first book in the series so didn't know her back story only the bits told in this book, but she came across as a true friend who would be there for Gracie in good times and bad...I think we could all use a friend like Ruby.

When I was younger I thought that these types of novels, romance sagas, were only for old people so does the fact that I've started reading and enjoying them make me old... don't answer that!  

I'd like to thank Becke at Avon for sending me a copy of this book to review.  I definitely plan to read Ruby before the next book in the series is published which will pick up the story of Maggie, the daughter that Ruby had to give up for adoption.

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