Thursday, 11 April 2013

Books Read: Polly Williams - Husband, Missing

When you know, you know.

This is what Gina told friends when she married Rex six months after meeting him. Passionately in love, Gina feels like the luckiest woman on the planet.

Until Rex vanishes without trace on holiday abroad. Her dream new marriage slipping into nightmare, Gina never wavers in her belief that he's alive. That she'll find him. When her frantic search unearths troubling secrets from Rex's past, Gina begins to question how well she really knows her beloved husband. But sometimes when all seems lost, unexpected, wonderful things are found.

When Rex comes to Gina's rescue during a mugging, little did she know that this knight in shining armour would literally sweep her off her feet and steal her heart, and that within 6 months they would be married despite the concerns from family and friends that they're rushing things.

But just as quick as Rex enters he life, he soon disappears during a boys holiday with his brother Jake and friends.  Everyone assumes that Rex has drowned but Gina is not convinced as he was a good surfer and swimmer, she's sure that he's had an accident and is alive somewhere. 

As the weeks turn into months, Gina has to try and rebuild her life on her own but she soon discovers things that make her question how well she really knew Rex after all.  Can she really move on with her life whilst wondering what happened to him and where he is?

Throughout the book we're introduced to an interesting mix of characters including Clarice, Rex's mother, who's not exactly welcoming to Gina, Jake, who has been Gina's rock much to the disdain of his own girlfriend Fran plus her own friends and family.  At times I could really sympathise with Gina but at other times I wanted to shake her and say 'wake up and smell the coffee!'

Husband, Missing had been on my Amazon wishlist since I first heard about it last year, the little bit I'd read about it had me intrigued as to what exactly happened to him and having recently finished reading the book I can honestly say it lived up to my expectations.  It's a real page turner and only took me a couple of days to finish it, if I hadn't had to go to that little thing called work I'm sure I would have read it in a day... 

I'd like to thank Caitlin at Headline for sending me a copy of this book to review.  This is actually the first Polly Williams book that I've read but I'm definitely planning to read some of her previous books in the future. 

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