Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Books Read: Margaret James - The Wedding Diary

Where's a Fairy Godmother when you need one?

If you won a fairy-tale wedding in a luxury hotel, you d be delighted right? But what if you didn't have anyone to marry? Cat Aston did have a fiancé, but now it looks like her Prince Charming has done a runner.

Adam Lawley was left devastated when his girlfriend turned down his heartfelt proposal. He's made a vow never to fall in love again.

So when Cat and Adam meet, they shouldn't even consider falling in love. After all, they're both broken hearted. But for some reason they can't stop thinking about each other. Is this their second chance for happiness, or are some things just too good to be true?

When Cat Aston wins a dream wedding she should be excited but there's just one slight snag, her fiance Jack is no longer around as has decided that he needs to 'find himself'.  But she decides that she'd like to find out where she could get married as you never know Jack might make it back in time!

Adam Lawley has sworn never to fall in love again after his girlfriend Maddy broke his heart by rejecting his proposal.  When he meets Cat at the salvage yard where she works, he feels an instant connection to her but knows nothing can come of it as he thinks she's getting married.  But little does he know that the feeling is mutual and confusing Cat as much as himself...

One of the things I loved about this book was that there was no complicated plot to be confused by,  although there was the odd misunderstanding or two to throw a spanner in the works, it was pure romance all the way.  It was one of those books that you read and felt all warm and fuzzy afterwards and wished if only true life could be like that.... says a singleton through and through! 

I instantly connected with Cat and genuinely wanted her to be happy with her Mr Right, even if she did decide it was Jack.  I secretly fell in love with Adam, the perfect gentleman who makes a lady feel special...  I know he's not real but I can dream that I too will find my 'Adam'.

Despite being a sucker for romance I'd have to say that my favourite character of all was Fanny the wedding planner not Cat or Adam.  She was such a larger than life character and everything she did was OTT which made for some hilarious moments.

This book is pure escapism at its best and perfect for when you need a pick me up. I'd like to thank Jane at Choc Lit for sending me a copy of The Wedding Diary to review.

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