Monday, 27 May 2013

Books Read: Roisin Meaney - Something in Common

Our lives are defined by other people. Some are with us from the start: parents, siblings, childhood friends. Others find us later: work colleagues, lovers.

But occasionally there are people whose paths cross ours in unexpected ways - people who are destined to change our lives profoundly.

One rainy afternoon two very different women meet, and through a twist of fate, Helen and Sarah become unlikely friends. This is the story of their friendship - from its traumatic beginning to its most unforeseen end.

When Sarah reads a harsh book review that Helen has written for a newspaper, she feels compelled to write to Helen and what initially starts out as letters back and forth regarding Helen's articles soon turns from a professional to a personal relationship as pen-pals.  Over the years they spill out their deepest feelings in their letters to each other, the pain and suffering at their lowest moments, their joy at happy events in their lives, and their hopes and fears for the future for themselves and their families.

Both Helen and Sarah were characters I could really relate to, they were everyday women who could just as easily be you or me.  I loved how their relationship developed over the course of the years that they were writing to each other despite having never met in person, or knowingly meeting before... 

Inspired by her own mother's pen pal experience and a chance meeting with a stranger, Roisin Meaney has written a bittersweet story full of emotion.  Having read all bar one of her previous books, I would definitely have to say that this is my favourite book of hers so far and that's saying something as I loved her previous book One Summer. 

I'd like to thank Hachette Ireland for sending me a copy of Something in Common to review.

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