Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Books Read: Victoria Connelly - Wish You Were Here

Sun, sea and secrets…

A week on the sunny Greek island of Kethos is just what Alice Archer needs, even if she has to put up with her difficult sister. Stella’s tantrums and diva-like demands are a fair price to pay for crystal-clear waters, blue skies and white clifftop villas.

When Alice meets Milo, a handsome gardener at the Villa Argenti, for the first time she suddenly feels beautiful, alluring and confident. But is it just holiday magic or will the irresistible pull between Alice and Milo survive against all odds?

Alice Archer and her sister Stella could not be more different if they tried.  Alice is the quiet, hard-working, dependable one who always puts others needs before her own whereas Stella is selfish, living on her own in the family home despite their father now residing in a care home, expecting everyone to run round after her and has never worked an honest days work in her life.

When Stella's boyfriend dumps her but still gives her the holiday tickets he'd booked for them, she offers Alice the chance to come away with her, after all who would turn down a free holiday.  But can Alice really cope with a week alone with the demanding Stella?  

And once they arrive on the stunning Greek island of Kethos it looks like Alice's fears might come true as all Stella wants is to top up her tan by the pool with Alice to run round after her.  Alice however has other plans and sets off on her own to see what the island has to offer...

Wish You Were Here was a nice relaxing read which helped to pass a few hours on a typical British summer's day by transporting you to beautiful Kethos!  I could almost picture myself touring the gardens at the Villa Argenta, being on the back of the moped touring the island and going for a dip in the warm ocean instead of looking at the grey skies back home...  The only thing that actually spoilt this story for me was Stella, she was such a madam that I could easily have throttled her whereas Alice was such a delightful character that you wanted her to find nothing but true love and happiness...

I'd like to thank Becke at Avon for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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