Thursday, 6 June 2013

Book News: Michelle Jackson to publish back catalogue as eBooks

I am a huge fan of Irish Fiction, as you probably realised when I did my feature month in March, and have been ever since I was a teenager.  Over the years I have read all of Michelle Jackson's books and eagerly await the publication of her new books each year.  

Her next book Six Postcards is due to be published later this year and I'll bring you news of what it's about nearer the time.  But in the meantime Michelle has decided to publish her back catalogue as eBooks, the first of which One Kiss in Havana is now available.  I love the new design for the cover, isn't it stunning?  

Emma, Louise and Sophie are sisters. Talented, artistic and creative, they have a lot in common – especially when it comes to men.

When Emma receives two tickets to Cuba in the post from her late husband she is more than surprised. She decides to take her sister Sophie along – not realizing this was his exact intention.

Louise hankers for lost love – Jack Duggan. She trudges through her suburban life with husband Donal while her sister’s soak up the Caribbean sunshine. But a chance encounter with the love from her past means that she will have plenty to deal with back in Dublin.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, Emma meets Che Guevara lookalike Felipe and Sophie meets Greg – a Canadian art dealer. Set against the backdrop of Salsa music, rum cocktails and balmy tropical nights –the girls have no idea what One Kiss in Havana will lead to… 

Michelle has also recently published her first children's book, The Book Who Liked Ice Cream Too Much, which is aimed at the 8-10 age group.  

Meet Nick – eleven years old with a crazy name and strangely mutated toes on his right foot that he didn’t have a year ago. 

Nick loved ice cream so much he wouldn’t eat anything else. 

If you are an ice cream lover then it might be best if you don’t read on…  

I'm curious to know about the mutated toes so I might have to buy a copy even though I don't have children to read it with.

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