Sunday, 23 June 2013

Books Read: Victoria Fox - Wicked Ambition

If not victory, revenge!

Some will do anything for fame.

Others will do anything to bring the famous down.

Three superstars. Three secrets.

For Robin, Turquoise and Kristin, the spotlight shines brightly. They’ve reached the glittering heights of stardom, and are adored the world over. But in the shadows lies the truth... An expose could be their end.

Because not everyone is happy about their success. Not everyone wants the best for them. Some people want to reveal the real stories behind the luxury parties and gorgeous men, and bring their dazzling worlds crashing to the ground.
Who will fall first?

Wicked Ambition is Victoria Fox's third novel and just like her previous two books, it's full of colourful characters, intrigue, and as we've come to expect from her novels plenty of sex. 

The three central characters, Robin, Turquoise and Kristin, are three of the top female popstars of their time and their careers are going from strength to strength.  But as always is the case when you're successful there's always someone out to bring you down.   

Turquoise has a deep dark secret that she's hidden for so long but it would appear that someone from her past has other ideas, will she be able to prevent them from exposing it?

Kristin is part of a power couple with handsome Scotty who's a member of a boyband and the next step must surely be heading up the alter but things do not seem to be going the way she planned...  What will she do when her whole world is turned upside down?

Robin is the only one that doesn't seem to have any enemies, so why does she feel like someone is watching her every move making her feel uneasy? 

I loved seeing how the three women handled everything that was thrown at them but most of all I really enjoyed seeing certain characters get their comeuppance.  

Although on the whole I did enjoy this book there were a lot of secondary characters, and I do mean a lot, to contend with and I did sometimes have to stop and think as to which of the three women they were connected to especially when the stories started to interconnect.  The other thing that slightly spoilt this story for me was that the ending seemed a little rushed, there was a long build up perhaps too long, and then it seemed to come to a very quick and abrupt end.

But that aside it was a raunchy read that is definitely perfect beach reading material especially as just over 600 pages it's certainly not a quick read!  I cannot wait to see what Victoria has in store for us next but in the meantime will have to settle for her short story in the forthcoming summer anthology Sunlounger which is due on 1st July.

I'd like to thank Chloe at Cherish PR for sending me a proof copy of this book to review.

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