Monday, 3 June 2013

Guest Book Review: Nick Spalding - Love... And Sleepless Nights

Reviewed by Victoria Stone

Sometimes, the hardest part of becoming a parent is keeping a straight face...

Just ask Jamie and Laura Newman, who (thanks to a rather relaxed attitude to contraception) find themselves about to have a baby. It's obviously a terrifying prospect for a newly married couple, but as long as they stick together they'll be just fine... right?

They'd better because the path between falling in love and those first few baby steps is littered with obstacles. Featuring a hilarious cast of characters including an overbearing mother-in-law, a terrifying midwife and at least one chorus of mating humpback whales, Love... And Sleepless Nights is the hilarious follow-up novel all about what happens beyond the happy ever after. 

Falling in love with another person is easy, making a new one is where things get complicated.

So this is the sequel to 'Love From Both Sides' here we follow Jamie and Laura's individual perspectives through pregnancy and childbirth right up to their baby Poppy's first birthday.

Laura is dealing with hormones, sickness and exhaustion and poor Jamie is getting a pretty rough time of it too, As Laura's mood swings are out of control. What we have come to expect from this loveable couple is that they attract bad luck like you wouldn't believe.

Which lead to a hilarious, emotional and  painfully honest account of having children. 

Yet again Nick Spalding managed to make me laugh until my sides hurt and I had tears running down my face. The camping scenario causing me to stop breathing from laughter. Not only did I laugh I got quite emotional too. That is down to the sheer brilliance of Spalding's writing.

Beneath the laughter is yet again a remarkable story of a couple who are genuinely in love.  

I really look forward to any more Jamie and Laura books. I'm now off to order every book that Nick Spalding has written. 

I'd like to thank Eleni at Hodder & Stoughton for sending us a copy of this book to review.

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