Saturday, 29 June 2013

Site News: New widgets on blog

Those of you who are observant may have noticed a couple of widgets that have appeared on my blog, one for Amazon and one for Love My Vouchers.  

I've been looking at ways to try and earn some money to help towards the cost of the giveaways that I've been running on the blog, at the moment some of these are posted via publishers  but the majority are paid for out of my own date this year alone I have paid over £30 in postage.

The Amazon widget is as it shows a search engine so you simply type in what you're looking for and it'll show you results from Amazon, whereas the vouchers widget shows discount codes for various sites.  I've chosen to highlight just Music, Film and Books offers but there are lots of other categories available at  

If you decide to click through using either of these widgets and make a purchase then I will earn a few pence which doesn't cost you a thing... so it's a win win situation for both of us.  

Due of a change of my circumstances I would have had to cut back on offering giveaways so every few pence that I might earn will help towards me being able to continue to offer giveaways for you in the future. I'm more than likely going to have to also cut back on sending books to guest reviewers, even though I still need help as receiving more books than I can physically read, as this postage also comes out of my own pocket.

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