Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Books Read: Alana Cash - How You Leave Texas

How You Leave Texas is a volume of three short stories and a novella about four young women who leave Midland, Austin, Fort Worth and Mayville, Texas for New York, California, Jakarta, and in one instance, jail. The young women seek escape from boredom and sorrow and they find it. Hilarious, tragic, and revelatory, the stories are about extraordinary women with ordinary lives.

Dam Broke - On the night of their high school graduation, Annabelle and Mickey ride a scooter in pouring rain as they reveal closely held secrets. 

Camille’s Net Worth - On the day she turns 40, Camille's life goes from bored to worse in uncontrolled demolition. She accepts an exciting job opportunity and travels back and forth to Indonesia. The job isn't what is appears, but the irony of how things turn out causes Camille to laugh until she has tears rolling down her face.
Krystal’s Wedding - Krystal leaves her seriously flawed family in Midland, heading for New York City, where she takes a few slippery steps. Krystal's mother encourages her to find a husband in order to escape her loud roommate in Hell's Kitchen and her boring job. However, Krystal actually gets her footing in New York and in life when she is offered a new, fulfilling direction.
Frying Your Burger - Nicky and three irreverent friends spend mornings at a coffee shop tossing repartee on love, sex, and religion. Then, Nicky gets caught up with a Hollywood player, becoming a pawn in the battle of egos between two movie directors trying to ruin each others careers. 

Today I'm taking part in the blog tour for Alana Cash's How You Leave Texas which has been organised through Fiction Addiction Book Tours.

This is a collection of four stories of women who are all leaving Texas under different circumstances.  In each story we get to see the reason behind the decision to leave but to me none of the stories really had any substance to them so you didn't really get to know the real characters, and in my opinion most of them didn't really come to a satisfying conclusion.

I normally enjoy reading short stories but for some reason I struggled with these ones, none of them really grabbed me so it was just a case of get through each one to get to the next one.  If I'm honest if I hadn't agreed to review them I probably would have given up reading this collection of stories and moved onto something different. 

That being said just because this book was not to my liking it doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for your honest review on tour today Sharon.