Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Debut Spotlight: Grace Henderson

My debut spotlight guest today is Grace Henderson who has just self-published her debut book Sweet Deception.  

Three years ago, tragedy struck Cassie Wilson’s family and pushed her away from her hometown. Now, one phone call pulls her right back…

Cassie’s had more than her fair share of heartbreak and the last thing on her mind is finding love. But when she meets the charming, arrogant and drop-dead gorgeous Blake Richards, she has to decide whether she can open up her heart to him.

Blake has a bad rep with women but that doesn’t stop them lining up to spend the night with him. What he wants, he gets. And he wants Cassie.

The attraction is obvious, but Cassie soon realises he’s holding something back. When his past threatens to destroy his future, will he share his most guarded secret with her? A secret that connects them both in ways neither could have imagined.

Grace has kindly provided me with an exclusive extract to give us a little taster as to what we can expect from Sweet Deception plus also gave me a link to the book trailer she's made which I've embedded below.  


I took a long sip of my drink watching her do the same, then she leant forward against the bar, “So, what has got you so distracted tonight that you are here with me instead of them?" Her eyes held mine captive and I was taken aback at how direct her question was. She must know it was because of her. I eyed her carefully before responding. I didn’t want to come on too strong but she needed to know I was interested. "I saw you on your own and wanted to make sure you were okay." Had to wind her up though, ‘cause it was fun. She’d get all flustered like she did when we met before. "And I saw you checking me out earlier, so I thought I'd give you what you obviously can't keep your eyes off. Me."

I smiled and took another slug of my drink, but nearly spat it back out as some manicured nails with sickly pink nail polish slowly slid round my waist. Candy. The blonde hair followed as she peered round and popped up in between us. "Blakey, I can't find Amber, come and keep me company will you?" She looked up at me seductively, ignoring Cassie completely and tip- toeing her fingers up my chest. I just wanted to rip her hands off me and tell her that she was nothing to me. I looked over to Cassie, worrying what her reaction would be but she was laughing silently. Then she mouthed 'Blakey?' to me as a question. I just shrugged and rolled my eyes, and turned to Candy, trying my best to detach myself from her grip, "I'm busy. You need to just find her yourself." She pouted and stroked her hand up my chest again. Cassie shifted in her seat, she was obviously feeling awkward. I watched her and was about to say something when she knocked back her drink in one, and looked at Candy, "I've got to find my friend anyway, he is all yours." My eyes met hers as she hopped off the barstool and shouted over her shoulder, "thanks for the drink." Her hips swayed as she strutted away and all I could think about was how her butt looked in the tight dress she was wearing. If she looked back, it meant she wanted me. Her head moved. Was she…nope, she didn’t look back. I let out the breath I didn’t even realise I was holding.

About the Author

When Grace isn't working her day job, she is huddled in the corner writing or reading romance novels. Having always loved reading, it was only after changing jobs and having to put up with a long commute that it took over as an obsession. Now there isn't a day goes by that she lets her laptop out of sight. She lives in the UK with her husband and two cats, and has a BA in Business Management. She is a compulsive tea drinker and a sucker for a 'happily ever after.' Her next release is the second instalment of the Truth series, James' story, Sweet Reflection, to be released late 2013. 



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