Saturday, 28 September 2013

Books Read: Victoria Connelly - Happy Birthday, Mr Darcy

You are cordially invited to a wedding at Purley Hall...

It’s the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s 'Pride and Prejudice' but it’s also a special year for Katherine Roberts and Warwick Lawton because they’re getting married.

But can Katherine put aside her fear about the future and can Warwick put his pen down long enough to actually make it up the aisle?

'Happy Birthday, Mr Darcy' is the fifth book in the Austen Addicts series - a light-hearted novella which follows 'A Weekend with Mr Darcy', 'The Perfect Hero' ('Dreaming of Mr Darcy'), 'Mr Darcy Forever' and 'Christmas with Mr Darcy'.

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Although this is the fifth book in the Austen Addicts series from Victoria Connelly it's actually the first that I've read as somehow this series has passed me by which is surprising as I'm a huge fan of anything Austen related. 

Katherine and Warwick met through their mutual love of Jane Austen so it's only fitting that their wedding should be at Purley Hall where they first met with their guests wearing costumes from the era. 

But as the wedding day approaches Katherine begins to have doubts as to whether she and Warwick are too similar and how she'll adapt to living with someone, whereas Warwick is caught up with his latest book deadline and whether he'll need to write on their honeymoon to get it completed plus having to deal with his sister trying to talk him out of getting married!  So will they get their happy ever after? 

This was a charming novella with delightful characters which I flew through in no time at all.  This can be read as a standalone but I do wish I'd read the other books first to get to know the characters a bit better so I'll definitely be reading the other four books in the series as soon as I can!  

I'd like to thank Victoria for sending me a copy of this eBook to review.  

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