Monday, 9 September 2013

Debut Spotlight: Neal Doran

Today I'm delighted to be able to introduce you to Neal Doran whose debut book Dan Taylor is Giving Up on Women is being published by Carina, digital imprint of Harlequin UK, on 16th September.

Perpetually single Dan Taylor is so terrible at meeting women his own mother suspects he might be gay.

So best friends — and smug married couple — Hannah and Rob insist he needs some serious man management. Taking matters into their own hands, they decide to make him their ‘Project’ and set to work on finding him a girlfriend — one that might actually stick around long enough to meet his mother.

A new wardrobe, a better haircut and a slick online profile later and an unwitting Dan is ready to be launched on the London dating scene. But miracles don’t just happen, and when he does achieve some success with women, it’s not in the way anyone expected.

Neal grew up in London, and the only real childhood hardship he knew was not being able to get a bedroom door sign with his name spelled properly on it. He knew he'd rather be a writer than an astronaut from the time he realised he didn't want a job that required too much travel. He has been an editor for spoof news website Newsbiscuit, written some jokes for BBC radio, and spent a short time as Britain's most unlikely private investigator.

Neal Doran now lives on the South West coast of Ireland with his wife and two sons, who still prefer their mum's stories to his.

He can be found on Twitter, usually when he's not supposed to be, as @nealdoran.

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